There’s (micro) USB, optical and coax, though the latter takes the form of a 3.5mm jack rather than the usual RCA or BNC, and a second USB connection for charging only. Was this info helpful? Both Mojo and Poly can be simultaneously charged via Poly’s Micro USB. 3.5mm Coaxial Decoding Cable for Chord Mojo Headphone AMP with Fiio Cayin iBasso HiFi Music Player. Entrées 1 x Entrée Optique Toslink 24bits/192kHz 1 x Entrée Coaxial au format Mini-Jack 32bits/768kHz 1 x Entrée Micro USB Asynchrone 32bits/768kHz. It has a Line Level Mode of 3v RMS and supports DSD256 (Quad-DSD) with up to 768kHz playback. It’s detailed and controlled. Our intention with this review wasn’t to drown it with technical lingo that many users may not understand but to offer an intelligible rundown of the pros and cons that the Chord Mojo brings and to focus on how well it has aged. Musicophile. I liked the side by side comparison you show for the Chord Mojo vs. Hugo 2; the first thought you get is that the Hugo 2 must be extremely better than the Chord Mojo, especially when you get to the bottom line. This is why the lack of fast charging, which wasn’t such a big deal when the Mojo was released, makes it feel outdated. As a line out I wouldn’t buy the HA-1 purely as a DAC. THD: <0.0001% 1kHz 3v RMS 300Ω. Ifi Micro iDac 2 or Chord Mojo or What? And whether it’s due to the temperature or not, the battery on the Mojo has been known to need a replacement after some time. More on that in the sound section. Even more importantly, since this is a portable solution, it has no trouble properly adapting to low-impedance headphones and earbuds. This is provided that you’re using one of the three wired connections we’ve mentioned, of course. After over two decades of making high-end DAC separates (among other hi-fi components), Chord first flirted with portability with the rechargeable Hugo in 2014. The Mojo takes nothing away from that, driving the LCD-2 extremely well indeed (lower double blue on the Mojo’s volume). Instead of DAC chips, Chord uses in house proprietary technology and software to get this buttery smooth sound, and boy howdy does it deliver. [G F C Cm Am B D Em Bm Dm E Gm] Chords for En kadhale - Seventh Octave - Music Mojo Season 2 - Kappa TV with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. Ne faites confiance qu’à vos oreilles, pas au marketing ;-) 2 étoiles donc, pour l'exécrable rapport qualité prix. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Where is the screen? More importantly, the audio quality does take a hit when the device is running feverishly hot. Bilan : AUCUN gain qualitatif avec le Chord Mojo. This speaks to the Chord brick’s sturdiness. The Chord Poly is a wireless-capable ROON ready streaming add-on module for the company's compact portable DAC/Amp, the Mojo. Here is the color scheme for the battery LED: If we take the full 10 hours of battery life as a best-case-scenario, that’s still nothing extraordinary by today’s standards, but it’s made even worse by the fact that the Mojo takes a whole 4 hours to charge from zero to full. The battery life is also color-coded, but not onto a prominent button. The Hugo 2 does provide a bit better micro detail, cleanliness, and air, but it’s a very small difference and it took quite a bit of A/B testing for me to come to that conclusion. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Connectivity types: Bluetooth A2DP and WiFi 2.4gHz. Audio Cable Chord Mojo Hugo-2 IBasso RCA 3.5mm AUX 1/8 TRRS/TS Canare L2T2S 5" Neuf. This speaks to the Chord brick’s sturdiness. Provenance : Chine. Nothing that would physically harm you or the devices as there are three thermal cut-outs within the DAC, but it’s still enough to make you feel uncomfortable. However, it does show its age through the lack of inherent wireless connectivity support and some battery limitations. Despite having experienced zero issues with the GoFigure app during my time spent assessing the Mojo/Poly, I’ve seen the occasional grumble online about the Chord-coded app. Just because it’s instantly recognizable, however, doesn’t mean that the Mojo aesthetic is bound to sit well with everyone. ou Faire une offre +2,01 EUR (livraison) Retours gratuits. And when you combine the two it gets scorching. Je mets au défi quiconque de pouvoir différencier ces électroniques à l'aveugle, quelque soit le type de musique, même sur des systèmes de haut niveau. With his CS degree, 5 years of experience as a software developer and 2 years of experience testing audio devices, James is more than fit to be trusted in this field. You’d think with a quirky design like this you’d at least get a manual that explains how everything works, but out of the box you only get the Mojo unit itself; you don’t even get any of the cables required to run it. I have a question Discover Chord Mojo, the Award-winning, pocket-sized headphone amplifier and DAC that makes your music, movies and games sound better, anywhere. Output impedance: 0.025Ω. Chord does not specify the size of the battery, but if the Mojo limits the power input to 1 amp maximum and does not slow the charging speed when the Mojo reaches a higher charging level, I may be able to say that the battery is probably around 4,000 mAh. Chord Mojo Sample Rate Color Scheme. In conclusion, the Chord Mojo is as great a device as it’s ever been. Furthermore, the Mojo features two 3.5mm jacks, meaning it can be used with two pairs of headphones at the same time. I was feeding it to my Rotel pre/pro with 1/8 to rca cable using the line level setting. Numérique Optique Supérieure Câble audio pour corde Mojo DAC. But, as … Thread starter Mumble; Start date Dec 27, 2017; Dec 27, 2017 #1 M. Mumble Weaksauce. Chord Electronics est un fabricant anglais spécialisé dans la conception et la réalisation d’électroniques hi-fi, DAC, amplis casques et amplis stéréo notamment. The Chord Hugo 2 is a bigger, beefier, and supposedly all-around better decoder and headphone amplifier than the Mojo, and it costs concordantly more. They may not be an issue for some users, but for others, they could make or break the whole product, which is why we felt obliged to highlight them. Playback support: Roon, DLNA, Airplay, and Bluetooth playback. It really has taken all the fun out of everything so far. The drop in audio quality, when used in such a manner, is barely noticeable, so there’s no better way to share your favorite tunes with a close one. Construction Boîtier en aluminium de qualité aéronautique Contrôle du volume numérique avancé, bouton sphérique rétroéclairé Processeur FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) : Xilinx Artix-7 Having tested and loved the Chord Mojo in 2016, I was delighted to hear about the Hugo 2 from the same specialist company last year. The HA-2 is the baby of the HA-1 in terms of tonality as it uses Sabre DAC’s also and whilst it has a few more knobs and whistles than the Mojo it is not as resolving as the Mojo. It’s well worth the money, although you can get comparable performance for cheaper if you don’t need portability. For example, you’ll know you’ve entered line-out mode when two buttons turn purple. Furthermore, the amplifier and the DAC share the same circuit which offers plenty of neat perks. But we don’t want to neglect the fact that the Mojo truly is a one of a kind portable device that accomplishes incredible feats for its price, and we can’t do that without pointing out some of the main features, all of which require the use of technical jargon. Chord Mojo Cable Pack – The Chord Hugo maybe small but it certainly packs a punch offering one of the best DACs available today matched with a stunning headphone amp and with the benefit that you can take it with you when travelling thanks to its internal battery. It didn’t win several awards for nothing, after all. Neuf. As far as portable Amplifier/DACs go, the Chord Mojo still remains a strong contender for audiophiles looking to bring the most out of their headphones. It is my opinion that you should save your money and just purchase the Mojo without hesitation. Secrets of HiFi. Le Chord Mojo est compatible avec les fichiers audio PCM jusqu'en 32 bits / 768 kHz ainsi que les fichiers DSD64, DSD128 et DSD 256. But let’s take a look at just what it is that the Chord Mojo has to offer to the audiophile looking for a portable amplifier/DAC in 2020. Chords. I think Chord should fix the Mojo on account of the 2-year-defects liability. AMP-UP YOUR OUT-OF-HOME LISTENING EXPERIENCE The Chord Mojo can drive headphones up to 800Ω with ease. Provenance : Royaume-Uni. The Mojo incorporates trickle-down DAC technology from Chord’s own higher-end Hugo series and Dave products. The Chord Mojo features 2 headphone outputs, has a battery life of up to 10 hours, and 3 digital input options (192kHz Optical, 768kHz Coax, 768kHz micro USB). Back then, it was a game-changer, offering most of what the widely coveted Chord Hugo did for just a fraction of the price. Chord recommends that you charge the Mojo for an initial 10 hours before using it, which basically means taking your shiny new Mojo out of the box when you buy it and charging it overnight (yes, I sometimes like to sleep for 10 hours, who doesn’t?). But also has a kink in the curve where intermodulation distortion overtakes noise at around -25 dB. Mojo is the ultimate portable DAC/Headphone Amp that allows you to hear more from your headphones – anywhere. It all depends on which headphones you pair the device with. Looking for a powerful and portable amplifier/DAC to elevate your music? Évolution du prix. By continuing, you agree to our. Instead I am hearing the most boring presentation I have heard in years. Between then and now it’s won the What Hi-Fi 2018 Award for Best DAC £300-£500 and the EISA Award Best Product 2016-2017 for the best USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier. The Hugo 2 + 2GO pairing is going to deliver much more performance and fidelity than Chord’s previous portable pairing, the Chord Mojo + Poly. So bear with us for a while. The version is a cover by Black Top Mojo with their variations to the song. Furthermore, the unit gets pretty hot while charging. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Using the DAC stage is mandatory, so with a modest IEM or headphone load the Mojo is rated at 10 hours of battery life, more than the HA … Il est lui-même doté d'un port micro-USB qui permet de recharger les deux appareils simultanément. Neuf. Just beware – a few of its features haven't aged perfectly. This is the idea behind the hugely popular portable amplifier/DAC release by Chord Electronics back in 2015. These cookies do not store any personal information. After this, the regular charge time of 4 hours will suffice to give you a rather normal 8-10 hours of playback time. That much hasn’t changed since its release. Recommended Posts. Storage: Micro SD card – Unlimited maximum capacity. The Chord 2GO is designed to transform one of the best DACs on the market, the Chord Hugo 2, into a fully portable music streaming setup. A year later, the Mojo opened the company’s doors into mobile - an area where digital-to-analogue converters were beginning to truly flourish. As with Chord's Hugo TT, which Jon Iverson reviewed in November 2015, the Mojo's digital circuitry is realized with a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chip, in this case a low-power-consumption Xilinx Artix-7. You can turn up the volume to basically ear piercing levels with zero distortion. Conception. The Hugo 2 + 2GO pairing is going to deliver much more performance and fidelity than Chord’s previous portable pairing, the Chord Mojo + Poly. In short, the sound signature has a lot of warmth and texture to it. iDAC2 is not functionally comparable to Chord Mojo, while iDSD Micro is. After getting exactly 0 reactions to my previous thread: I thought I'd test a more click-bait title. An 8-hour battery Last edit on Jul 25, 2020. The Chord Mojo is instantly recognizable thanks to its unique and quirky exterior. … Meilleur prix. Whether or not you want to get crank the volume up to eleven is a different matter entirely (one we’ve covered in our article on how loud is too loud), but the Mojo can get you there, even if you’re using high-impedance headphones. Aiuto Leather Case Chord Hugo 2 Case V Premium From Japan New With Tracking. 1x Micro USB 768kHz/ 32-bit Capable Input   1x 3.5mm Jack Coaxial 768kHz/ 32-bit Capable Input 1x Optical TOSLINK 96kHz/ 24-bit Capable Input 1x 1amp Micro USB Charging Port Input. Music Lover blogging about Classical Music & Jazz; 2113 7528 posts; Share; Posted June 8, 2017. Nevertheless, if these points don’t present an issue for you, then you shouldn’t have any reservations about getting the Mojo. It provides 98-99% of what the Hugo 2 is capable of at a fraction of the price. Charging is indicated by a tiny white light under the charging port. 2 bandes en caoutchouc chord de 180 mm 2 bandes en caoutchouc chord de 160 mm 1 ferrite de déparasitage. Source is android tablet via usb. Neuf. Les progrès de la technologie numérique ont permis d’introduire une nouvelle génération encore plus performante : HUGO 2. Convertisseur (DAC) / Ampli Casque CHORD MOJO. The Poly includes a micro SD card slot. Like the Hugo 2, the 2go’s chassis comprises a pair of CNC machined pieces held together by four screws. Achat immédiat +37,91 EUR (livraison) Retours gratuits. The Law of Diminishing Returnsis something that I write a lot about in my articles, … Chord claims it can power headphones of up to 800ohms with its maximum output of 5V and we can say for sure that it has no problems whatsoever with 600ohm headphones. From high-impedance headphones to regular earbuds, it drives all devices effortlessly and brings out the best in them. Specification. I have been lent a Chord Mojo to try out in my headphone listening setup, Having read all the good press and comments from users on other forums, all its awards I was expecting something special. That’s why we’ve highlighted the lack of inherent Bluetooth and Wifi capabilities and the omission of fast charging as issues that might be missing from reviews that were published alongside the Mojo itself. En 2014, un amplificateur casque portable et convertisseur révolutionnaire sortait. Chord says Mojo is a true reference-quality mobile DAC and high-level headphone amplifier and Mojo's sound rivals DACs at twenty times the price. Now with added Mojo! Chord Mojo & Oppo HA-2. Charging your Mojo: Be sure to use the charging port on the side of the Mojo. I just got a Chord Mojo (got my mojo) and it killed my oppo HA-1 headphone amp. Available in a choice of two colours – natural silver, and satin black. And it unquestionably lived up to its Mojo (‘Mobile Joy’) name. The asking price of $500 may raise some eyebrows, but in the audiophile world, this is considered fairly affordable for such a device. by Herb Reichert Feb. 2020. The Chord Mojo itself isn’t cheap at £399, but the Poly is an additional – wait for it – £499. Still, so long as it isn’t balanced, whatever the audio gear you wish to connect to it, the Mojo will get the most out of it and it will be able to play it loudly. Most importantly, it makes it so that there’s no sound degradation at any volume level when used as a line-level output. The Chord Mojo / Hugo 2 IS endgame. ou Faire une offre +12,21 EUR (livraison) Suivi par 14 personnes. 4. Chord has released a companion device called the Poly that’s used to endow these and some other features to the Mojo, but with at an overall asking price of $750, this isn’t something you should get lightly. Il s'y emboîte côté prises micro-USB, optique et coaxiale. by Staff Feb. 2020. Thankfully, the unit sports two Micro USB ports – one serves as a digital-in port while the other is exclusively used as a power socket. To start with, we need to know that, instead of relying on conventional DACs, Chord has manufactured their own high-performance multi-purpose DACs based on field-programmable gate array chipsets. With a size barely larger than a deck of playing cards and a tough aluminum exterior the Mojo is the embodiment of portability. Afficher d’autres offres. With a size barely larger than a deck of playing cards and a tough aluminum exterior the Mojo is the embodiment of portability. The ultimate DAC/Headphone Amplifier - hear more from your headphones, anywhere, Our website stores cookies on your computer or devices. Joined Dec 11, 2015 Messages 106. Chord Mojo is an interesting little DAC/AMP, as it relies on a rather different DAC technology than most, relying on a FPGA, or Full Programmable Gate Array, rather than a normal DAC, paired with a pretty clean power stage, to deliver what Chord calls “the world’s most advanced portable DAC/ Headphone Amplifier”. Share Followers 0. Dyson Audio Fiio X3 X5 1st Gen Chord Mojo Hugo 2 IBasso 75ohm Digital Coax Cable. Two and a half years after releasing Poly for its award-winning Mojo, Chord Electronics has treated its flagship portable DAC/headphone amp, Hugo 2, to an add-on streamer/server of its own. Most people won’t hear that big of a difference in passing, and that’s the honest truth. Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn the battery off for those occasions when you want to use the Mojo as a stationary DAC. It’s still a popular choice among audiophiles looking for great amplifier/DAC to take with them on the go. So high resolution playback can be had straight from the hardware. DAC Audio portables Chord Electronics Mojo. 593,15 € – 1 200,00 € Comparez 2 offres. If this isn’t an indicator of quality then nothing is. Of course, reading your article makes you rethink your initial assessment. Instead, you’ll need to check the small LED next to the charging port to see how the battery is holding up. Le Chord POLY est un module de streaming révolutionnaire pour MOJO. It can also get rather hot when used for a long time. Chord Electronics nous présente ici son modèle le plus compact de sa gamme de DAC audiophile, Le Mojo est tout simplement un condensé du savoir-faire du constructeur britanique à destination de votre smartphone, votre tablette ou votre ordinateur. Tap-length: 49,152. The Chord app Gofigure transforms your phone into a setup and control center. 593,15 € Frais de livraison non compris. CLICK HERE for the Mojo Manual. Sorties analogiques 2 x Sorties Casques Jack 3,5mm . ... Dreams chords by Blacktop Mojo feat. Since my battery failed, I must have used it wrongly (which I did not do). In late 2017, Chord introduced the Poly: a €649 add-on that turns the Mojo into a fully-fledged network streamer. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Not sure if this is in the DAC portion or amplification. It lacks any musicality and is as flat as a pancake. Bilan : AUCUN gain qualitatif avec le Chord Mojo. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. But they argue Chord´s batteries never fail. ou Faire une offre +3,32 EUR (livraison) C'est le dernier. The Chord Mojo is basically the smaller, wallet-friendlier version of the incredible Hugo 2. Physiquement, le Chord Hugo TT2 colle fermement au gabarit carré défini par son prédécesseur. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 131,58 EUR. And the Mojo is made for audiophiles first and foremost. It supposedly sports a 10-hour battery life, although 8 or 9 hours has shown to be a more accurate number. No audiophile will get disappointed by the audio quality. Il fonctionne également avec un smartphone ou une tablette sous Windows , iOS et Android qu'avec un ordinateur. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Le Chord HUGO 2 est une nouvelle version encore plus performante du légendaire HUGO sorti en 2014. Chord Mojo có hình dạng nhỏ gọn, một thiết kế độc đáo mang một chất âm mạnh mẽ, đặc trưng của Chord. At this point, there’s not a lot we can tell you about the audio quality offered through the Mojo that isn’t already clear. And unlike many other DACs, Mojo does not require the source to do any unsampling before receiving the signal. Good golly the Mojo is powerful. The Mojo is a small unit, with a footprint barely larger than a credit card, yet Chord has found space for a good range of connections. Inner Fidelity. 10,11 EUR. Similarly, another button changes colors to show you the bitrate, and then there are also some two color combinations to you need to know if you’re going to use this device to its full potential. For example, to indicate different levels of volume one of the buttons will go through the colors of the rainbow where red is used for the lower volumes, blue for the higher ones, and if you know what a rainbow looks like you should be able to work out the rest. Il prend en charge les fichiers PCM jusqu’à 768khz, DSD 64 à 512. Pulse array: 10 element pulse array design. Chord Mojo. An FPGA (field-programmable gate array) is an integrated circuit (IC) … The build quality here is second to none, as the last several years have attested to – you’ll be hard-pressed to find complaints online about the Mojo breaking or malfunctioning. Try the Chord Mojo! It is the micro port closest to the OPT port and has a battery charge icon above it. The battery is where the Mojo starts to show its age. In fact, it works better if this is the case, as it’s able to unsample up to 2048 times. But despite slightly showing its age in certain regards, the Mojo shows no signs of slowing down. Four – It’s a digital audio player. Alerte prix. Based on my measurements too, iDSD Micro BL also performs technically better han iDAC2. This wouldn’t be so bad if the cost of getting the battery replaced by Chord didn’t cost a whopping $200! © 2020 Mojo | Your Music. Suivi par 4 personnes. Despite having experienced zero issues with the GoFigure app during my time spent assessing the Mojo/Poly, I’ve seen the occasional grumble online about the Chord-coded app. 4. Testez les produits dans notre magasin à Paris ou bénéficiez de la livraison offerte pour toute commande Web Ne faites confiance qu’à vos oreilles, pas au marketing ;-) 2 étoiles donc, pour l'exécrable rapport qualité prix. Avis d’expert: 3 Tests: Note ∅ 18/20... Fiche produit. Chord Mojo : Retrouvez le DAC sur What’s more, the color scheme isn’t found anywhere on the device itself. That’s a pretty good deal, we think! What Are True Wireless Earbuds And Are They Worth It? 2 offres: 593,15 € – 1 200,00 € 0 avis: Donnez votre avis sur ce produit. We won’t get into the specifics of how this is different from the standard fare as that alone would double the length of this review, but suffice it to say that this has enabled Chord to do some truly amazing things with their software on the Mojo, all while cutting down on costs. All Rights Reserved. The Chord 2GO is designed to transform one of the best DACs on the market, the Chord Hugo 2, into a fully portable music streaming setup. Not using it for headphones, purely as a DAC. Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.2dB. There are just some of the features that made the Mojo stand out when it first got released, and all of them still hold up today. The damn thing ran out of battery after 3 songs and now I am seating here waiting for it to charge (come on Chord charge the damn thing before shipping). Chord Mojo. We understand that some of you may have expected a lengthier discussion on audio quality, but it’s just superb. Provenance : États-Unis. We're very excited to add one more attraction to this event, the newly announced Chord Mojo. Đầu ra 2 cổng 3.5mm. The Chord Mojo comes with a 6 inch Black USB 2.0 to Micro cable. Hi guys, I recently purchased a Chord Mojo which I've connected to my Naim Nait XS amp so I can listen to TIDAL HiFi. Download Pdf. This newest addition to the Chord DAC family brings their renowned audio performance to a new level of portability and affordability - and you'll even be able to quiz the mind behind Mojo about how they did it. "Connectez votre DAC à n'importe quelle source" Tirez tout le potentiel de votre DAC audio portable en le connectant à n'importe quelle source grâce à ce pack de câbles pour Chord Mojo.Avec pas moins de 4 câbles USB, un câble optique, des adaptateurs et une ferrite de déparasitage, vous pourrez profiter pleinement de votre Chord Mojo pour une expérience musicale optimale ! Press and Reviews. Le Chord Poly est conçu pour fonctionner uniquement avec le Chord Mojo. We see that Chord Mojo has uniformly higher noise level (and hence worse THD+N/SINAD). Musicophile 2113 Posted June 8, 2017. Son nom : HUGO. That’s roughly the same as the far more expensive Chord Hugo 2 - Chord’s flagship DAC, which costs around $2,695 to the Mojo’s $399. Like the Hugo 2, the 2go’s chassis comprises a pair of CNC machined pieces held together by four screws. They said they expected around 2 years before the next Mojo would be coming since Chord bought parts for a lot of Mojos and it was expected that it would take 2 years to finish production. Yes No. In terms of compatibility, there’s no device the Mojo can’t run. Chord Mojo : DAC audio haute définition avec batterie et ampli casque intégrés pour smartphone ou ordinateur. Voir l’offre. Mais vraiment aucun. On its own, the Mojo does not support Bluetooth or Wifi connections. Individually, these are all small inconveniences, but together they are more than just the sum of their parts. The only thing that has shown to be a problem in certain cases is the battery needing a replacement, but more on that later. Either way, there should be better performance here. We use these cookies to provide you with the best experience on our site. Interestingly, the Mojo has held this ground since its introduction almost three years ago. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. This means that you can charge the Mojo as you’re using it. In terms of tonality, the Mojo is just a little bit on the warm side of neutral, and the treble is smoothed out more than the Hugo 2. Some kind of non-linearity is setting in.

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