Use as a spiller for containers or in low borders. I love these flowers. PLANTING: This ground-cover is best grown in … CincinnatiZoo has uploaded 4251 photos to Flickr. An attractive, low-growing, mounding plant, blue daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) is appreciated for its silvery foliage and sky blue … Although it's not a true annual, this fast Nuttall's Morning Glory, Hawaian Blue Eyes, Blue Daze Synonyme: Evolvulus pilosus immergrüner, kleiner Strauch oder Bodendecker bis ca. Blue flowers are hard to find in the garden -- most lean toward purple hues. It is more compact and has more flowers. However, Evolvulus glomeratus "Blue Daze" is aptly named: The low-growing, herbaceous perennial features true-blue flowers that stand out against the attractive, olive-green leaves. Evolvulus 'Blue Daze' requires moisture, do not allow it to dry out. However, Evolvulus glomeratus "Blue Daze" is aptly named: The low-growing, herbaceous perennial features true-blue flowers that stand out against the attractive, olive-green leaves. Tolerant of heat and drought, this plant is The bright blue of the Evolvulus flowers make a statement in frost free gardens around the world growing in warmer parts of Mediterranean gardens through the sub-tropics and tropical regions. 'Blue My Mind' Blue Daze is an improved variety of Blue Daze. [1] Most all are … How to Root Blue Daze Plants. Blue My Mind Evolvulus Evolvulus 'Blue My Mind' Blue My Mind is a fun variety that shows off larger flowers than old-fashioned varieties. They are known generally as dwarf morning glories. Evolvulus pilosus 'Sapphire Blue' APPEARANCE: Soft silvery-green foliage featuring masses of brilliant blue flowers from summer to autumn.USES: Mass display of flowering colour; in containers; low hedges, mixed beds. A lover of heat, evolvulus thrives in the middle of a hot summer and continues to impress all the way through fall. It looks like this is the first time you've added anything to your cart. This heat-tolerant beauty makes a stunning addition to containers beds alike, and it’s so polite that it doesn’t even need deadheading. Blue My Mind Evolvulus offers a rare blue color that stands out with this Gold Mound duranta red begonia. Grande-EVOPRW1057520 - The Home Depot Blue My Mind from Proven Winners has true blue flowers and fuzzy, silvery-green foliage. It is drought tolerant, once it is established. PROVEN WINNERS Blue My Mind Dwarf Morning Glory (Evolvulus) Live Plant, Blue Flowers, 4.25 in. Evolvulus 'Blue Daze' are gorgeous bright blue flowers amid attractive gray foliage, perfect for sunny spots. For what it's worth, Evolvulus 'USEVO1201' (a.k.a. Its foliage tends to remain dense right to the ground, not requiring facer plants in front. Same vivid blue color. And its pleasant blue flowers will bloom throughout the growing season. Scientific Name: Evolvulus nuttallianus Common Name: Evolvulus, Blue Daze Hardiness Degree: 32 F (0.0 C) General Information: True blue flowers contrast elegantly with gray-green foliage. Evolvulus glomeratus, or Dwarf Morning Glory, is a tender, non-vining, herbaceous perennial more often grown as an annual that is a member of the Convolvulaceae family. Call store for current availability. Asked by Christina on April 27, 2016 1 Answer When will you get the Blue my mind Evolvulus in 2016. Buy farm-fresh plants online! A small spreading ground cover for sunny areas. Order Evolvulus Blue Daze starter plant liners directly from our website with all current availability and pricing. Features: Evolvulus glomeratus is a tropical evergreen subshrub perennial that is grown more as an annual in cold regions. Typically available from spring to fall. It has simple leaves with a silvery tone and rounded bright blue flowers for a long period from summer to autumn. Evolvulus pilosus belongs to the same plant family (Convolvulaceae) but comes from the North American prairies. A heat loving plant that will be covered with blooms from spring to fall. Makes a great ground cover or container plant! Dwarf morning glory seeds produce a compact, bushy plant that is well-suited to containers and the flower bed. Blue My Mind dwarf morning glory) is a patented plant and cannot be legally vegetatively propagated, without permission from the patent holder, for ANY reason (including personal But blue daze cannot be grown anywhere. It is low-growing, reaching a height of 0.75-1.5 ft tall and a sprawling mound of 2-3 ft. wide with fabulous grey-green foliage. Evolvulus hybrid 'Blue My Mind' loves hot weather, in fact, the hotter the better! When I was 14 I found a bunch of morning glory seeds (about 400) in her basement and I had just recently found out they contained LSA and long story short I tripped for my first time Evolvulus is a genus of flowering plants in the Convolvulaceae, the morning glory family. Grab a glass of milk because we're about to dunk peanut butter cookies, oatmeal-raisin cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, and many more of our all-time favorite cookie recipes. Blue flowers are hard to find in the garden -- most lean toward purple hues. It Care of Blue Daze Flowers. This variety, ‘Blue My Mind’ which we are introducing here needs to be widely grown, it is so good. In this video i explaining the care of evolvulus plant, it belongs to morning glory family, it is a ornamental plant. It grows 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It will perform best in full sun and needs to be protected from even light frost. How can I get this Blue my mind beautiful flowers if they're not sold in store nor online. Blue is hard to get one’s hands on in the garden, but Blue My Mind evolvus fills the void! EVOLVULUS BLUE DAZE 50mm Pot Evolvulus nummularis Bright lavender blue flowers with a white centre. Submit your order online & your local store will be in touch with a quote. Morning Glories remind me of my grandma too. Click for details. When mature, each plant will spread 2 to 3 feet and reach a height of 1 foot. These tips will help you make time for self-care for a mental health boost every day. It has brilliant blue flowers over a carpet of fuzzy, oval Moderate Watering â Requires Regular Watering. 30 cm mit wechselständig angeordneten, kleinen, bis zu 2,5 cm langen, länglich ovalen, zart behaarten, silbrig grünen Blättern. We just wanted to remind you that we are a wholesale starter plant company that sells … Small, cup-shaped, true blue flowers bloom in an abundance all summer. Evolvulus can also be propagated from seeds. Evolvulus Blue My Mind We now support online ordering. Green-gray, slightly fuzzy foliage. This morning glory flower seed germinates faster after being soaked in water. Blue Daze is a trailing plant tolerant of heat and drought and is a true survivor that will grow equally well in the garden or a pot or basket. Mine have survived in pots in temps as low as 45, but they are happier and flower best in temps … Perfect for borders or containers, "Blue … Evolvulus glomeratus, or blue daze, is a pleasant evergreen shrub that grows low to the ground. Blue My Mind Morning Glory will grow to be about 12 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 24 inches. Plant with Yarrow 'Moonshine' Characteristics Landscape … Mar 20, 2015 - Explore CincinnatiZoo's photos on Flickr. Ordinary, well-drained soil. Evolvulus Blue My Mind Evolvulus Delicate, petite, true blue flowers cover the silvery-green foliage of Blue My Mind .

evolvulus blue my mind seeds

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