Thanks for another great review!! The 6xx's are slightly more punchy, have a broader soundstage, and more warmth. I tend to listen to mostly Indie Pop and Jazz nowadays, with some Classical, Hip-Hop, and Oldies thrown in for good measure. sennheisers I can wear all day long. For those, I prefer bands and artists like Chon, Plini, Animals as Leaders, Rage Against the Machine, and some Megadeth. It’s just that it can get fatiguing after a much shorter period of time and I’m inclined to want to take it off and put the 6XX back on my melon. The wiring got a much needed upgrade. If you truly give that much of a shit about saving money, getting a special color, and a serial number, fine. Topping E30/L30 Review – Just How Good Is It? It feels less focused, but wider sounding. But if you’re new to the Sennheiser lineup, and you’re debating on the Sennheiser HD650 or the HD700, which one do you opt for and why? Later i had to swear an oath to myself, “never to spend on audiogear again for many years”, lol. I would say the sound is similar, but I find the 650 to be a warmer affair while the 6XX sounds a little more crisp. I think the most deciding and piercing difference was the piano riffing at ~2:15. It makes me feel safe and snug like a bug in a rug. On the other hand, it's maybe 1/2 to 1/3 as long as the regular 600 cable, which means that, with my setup, I can't sit on my couch across the room and use them. Anyone you introduce this type of product who doesn’t have a clue (no offense to non audiophiles) to is likely to go ape sh**. How’s the Soundstage on that? Questions? Sennheiser HD598 vs HD600… Stu is determined to help you make sound decisions, and strives to deliver the best and most in depth content on the internet! Also let us know which you plan on keeping! more_vert. No bloated nor ‘fat’ or muddy bass. But if I could just get the soundstage tho... Im surprised that the 600 was much more comfortable, I thought the 600/650/6xx had similar housing? But the price increase of HD6xx to 220 $ and the disappearance of the store in Europe, the final price of these headphones adding shipping, taxes and customs transaction costs stays around 312 € (calculating more or less what it has cost other people before). No, not a real live baby mind you; I’m talking about the headphone. To me, in the end, they're both good cans. The 6XX seems to open things up to a greater degree while coming across as more relaxed and mellowed out. I think it has more to do with source file first (the quality of the mix itself), then the quality of the headphones second, and third is the Amp/DAC. The 6XX’s adapter is gold, but both are of the snap on variety which cuts down on the time it takes to get set up and listen to music. I need to give it more time and test out a tube amp before coming to a conclusion however. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The ones mentioned above should provide you a great start. I have a sense that out of the balanced of V281, HD600 maybe the best out of three for my taste. I had all three (6xx, 660s and Elex). Combine that with Tyler's voice being in a lower vocal range, the 6xx's were banging on all cylinders. More refined. The bass and vocals can get more detailed, but at the expense of nuance and detail in the middle getting slightly drowned out. Should make a, even if hard to hear, difference. Even with that said, you’ll still experience some nice out of your head moments with both of these headphones. I did! I’d definitely take the HD 6XX over the HD 600. While the 600's did a good job of representing all of them, and keeping them all balanced in presentation, the 6xx made them pop. Another note of contention is air and texture. iFi Aurora Review – Love At First Sight?! I’ve also used just the K3 as the Amp/DAC combo to nice effect. Almost too warm. They sort of make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sounds like a win win situation to me (no pun intended). Both have the Sennheiser logo engraved at the top of the headband, but on the 6XX it’s a bit harder to see. Then there was bliss, I felt like i have reached the pinnacle of sound which i was looking for. If so, you will lose a bit of that on the 6XX. Listening to the same track with the HD6XX is just a better, lighter, and more enjoyable experience overall. Topping E30/L30 vs. iFi Zen CAN Signature 6XX, Tonor TC-777 USB Condenser Microphone Review & Shootout, FiiO BTR3K vs. BTR5 vs. DragonFly Red [Which Is Best For YOU?!]. Your email address will not be published. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,748. That’s about the hardest I will go. However I ended up buying the Fx audio dac-x6 but I wasn’t happy with it, even though it was a great cheap device it wasn’t doing what i wanted to hear so i scraped the last bit of spare money i could get and bought a “little dot MK2” and upgraded the tubes to “mullards” and “russian power tubes”. If we factor cost into account, the 6xx's are only $200 and their absolutely a steal. The 650/6xx might be better for hip-hop, electronic, and other bass-forward genres, but just the complete package, to me, is a bit more valuable in the 600's, especially since they're good for almost everything, instead of being better for some more than others. Do you think the 6xx were too dark? Although, for the cost, you get to endure, at best, a 5-6 month wait to actually get them. Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone. They all say the 650 is darker, but with better bass and soundstage. However, there are a few things I don’t like about them. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna swap out my HE-400i for the 6XX, because I find the 400i lacking in bass. Thanks so much for lending them to me Shawn! I would really love to get a dedicated Tube set up sometime down the road. The 6XX seems to excel better at both. It’s been a mostly great relationship. I'm gonna keep listening for another week or two and then figure out if someone needs to find a new home. I just feel like the HD 600’s mid-range around 1-4k has always just been slightly too in your face. Lol. Hey there. Perhaps, but my money is on no. Switching over to digital, the bass rolled off a little bit in definition, but having a FLAC copy of the song, it was still great quality. I think they strike the perfect balance between the too forward HD 600 (mid-range) and laid back 650. Following the Sennheiser HD560 Ovation, the German brand released the HD580 in 1993, which has formed the basis for all open-back models coming out after, including HD580 Jubilee (1995), HD600 (1997), HD650 (2003), HD6XX (2016) and HD660S (2017). Comparitively speaking, The HD 660 S has a deep and full character, with airy highs, while the Sundara is defined by its clarity, separation and beautiful imaging. Of course, you can always EQ that area down, but out of the box the 6XX is just more professional sounding. Even giving it a point of "well, they need to get worn in a little", I can feel the difference in the ear pads and the pressure from the headbands. The 712 is fantastic, but it’s just a different type of sound really. Great review btw. You’re basically sacrificing EARitation (Okay I’m sorry) for a crisper and more detailed sound. The 6xx's were ever so slightly bassier, but they were pretty damn close. I wouldn't say the 6xx's were "dark", per se. Sennheiser HD600 vs. 650 Mid-range. Fx audio dac-x6 (just dac section) + little dot mk2 + HD6XX. The 6XX’s cable is really a dream of sorts. The HD 600 is a bit less efficient at 97dB than that of the HD6XX (103dB). The 6XX, if you weren’t aware, is actually a rebrand of the original 650, which makes sense. With that.. Don’t forget to leave me some love on the channel!! 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. More on that in a jiffy! In his spare time, he likes to fish, paint, play guitar, pray, rap, make beats, take photos, record videos, graphic design, and more. You see, Shawn was doubly sure to send these bad boys packaged as if they could withstand a nuclear holocaust. It seems as though the 6XX is basically a rebranded HD 650 for cheaper. If you want an objective measure for how good a pair of headphones is, look at how long it’s been on sale. I’m definitely of the mindset that you don’t have to go down that rabbit hole! The Audioquest DragonFly Red is also a fantastic option here as well. I still love the HD 600, but sadly it’s outclassed here and that’s the honest truth. I’ve lost count of how many times my chair has run over the 600’s cable, but fortunately it’s held up remarkably well over these last few years. The Sennheiser HD600 hardly need to be introduced. I dunno if it's confirmation bias or what, but I swear my 600's sound better and my 6xx's now sound almost identical to the 600's. (Don’t worry, I was accused of having an “Apple Ass Head” once). Requests? What rastus said. Whatever. Both the HD 600 and 650 are well known for being able scale well with just about anything, so don’t stress out too much about it. Seriously though, I’ve been loving my time with these, and wanted to do an A/B comparison to the venerable HD 600 that I have in the studio. It was a big leap for me because its price was unbelievable for someone like me in a place like where i live. It’s black and kind of clashes with the very dark blue/midnight blue/gray/whatever color it is apparent on the rest of the headphone. She doesn’t fly off the handle so easily. It simply reinforces the previous impressions I have had of Sennheiser at this level. The whisper/distortion and slight reverb and delay effects on Steven's vocals was marginally more apparent, and the guitar seemed to feel like it was closer and more ambient in the soundstage. After all that stuff I've read for years of "cables are snake oil and won't make your shit sound better", I thought I was just hearing what I wanted to hear. I can listen with it for a LONG time without wanting or even needing a break. I own some sennheiser hd58xx and hd600's, focal elears, fostex t60rp, and others. I’ve been using the HD6XX with a FiiO K3 paired up to a JDS Labs ATOM. I enjoy talking with him about all things audio, and he was nice enough to entrust me with his baby. What is Soundstage? What has changed boils down to some cosmetic differences and other more subtle nuances. You’ve got an almost completely neutral signature with loads of detail, pin point accuracy, and a relaxed but still detailed treble that pretty much never gets out of line. Lol. The HD-600 is an amazing headphone for modern jazz, symphonic discs or well-produced rock music. It probably has a better paint job as well that won’t decay in a few years time, as all HD650’s of old tend to. I thought this was major B.S. It sounds effortless, as if it’s never trying too hard. Shawn is a real nice guy who frequents my blog. Comments? REPLY. Let’s get into that there sound, shall we?! I mean, I have had them for a few months, but they don't get nearly as much use as my IEMs do, so it's not like they've had years worth of wear to break them in and I've been careful not to even pretend like I want to bend the headband to make them fit better. Big shoutout and thanks to Shawn Quint for sending me them! Let’s talk a bit about amplification and genre pairing! I personally don’t like it and thought it should have stood out more. Some of it probably is the velour pads need some time to actually get used and broken in, but I don't remember my 600's being as uncomfortable in the beginning. With the 600's, everything felt a little more pushed down and further away. This design is not so appealing to many people, as the marble look is kind of outdated and not preferred. I’m glad you enjoyed the cans! If you have any questions or need help choosing, let me know and I can steer you in the right direction. What’s interesting though is that the clamp force on the 6XX is a bit lighter than that of the 600, even after a break in period. It’s much thicker at the base and a lot easier to pull out of each ear-cup. Search here or on SBAF for detailed instructions. This headphone would make a fantastic gift for someone because it represents a true foray into better sound at a crazy good price. Your preference will entirely depend on your own set of parameters for how a headphone should feel situated on your dome. My reference headphone for music is the HD600, although I also have the HD6XX and Elex from Massdrop, plus other headphones outside of Drop. Lows. I find the HD6XX is crisper by contrast, and it’s more affordable than an HD 650. Before we get into the Sennheiser HD 600 vs. HD 6XX, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. Now without further ado, let’s get rolling!! NewFantasia 2.5mm Trrs Male Balanced HiFi Cable Compatible with Sennheiser HD650, HD600, HD580, HD660S, HD58X, Massdrop HD6XX, HD565 Headphone and for Astell&Kern AK240 AK380 onkyo AK320 1.9m/6.2ft. The HD650 has been in production for a long time and is basically "paid off" (cost of research and development has been covered by sales), which means that Sennheiser could probably even sell them at <50 € (material cost only) and still make a profit, if they … The HD6xx series has about 21mm depth in the front and rear side where the HD560S has 21mm in the front and 28mm in the back (where it counts). Both have 103dB Sensitivity, both have very similar cabling (The 6XX’s cable is shorter however), and both have that uniform crater pad on the headband. All the pin point accuracy is there – you can pick out individual instruments, sounds, and other subtle nuances, but the picture of said elements is fairly small and does feel a bit boxed in. Thank you for this awesome review. Any support is much appreciated . If that sounds like you: If you’re looking to kick back and relax with your music, the 6XX is the solution. Bill Henderson, a contributor over at Slick Deals, agrees. The cups move in the same way as the original too (slightly in and out and nothing more), just enough to ensure a snug fit on various sized melons. It’s like a woman who has matured with age. Seriously, I let my girlfriend borrow the HD 600 and an iFi xCAN and she told me she literally didn’t want to leave her room. It’s just a perfect headphone all around for me. Flipping back and forth is exhausting. hd6xx vs hd600, Yep, and they're 150ohm so easier to drive vs. the 300ohm HD600/HD650. The HD6XX is going to sound very different tonally and perhaps not to your taste coming from K701 and SRH840. Lot’s of people are wondering how the current (silver screen) HD650 compares to the (silver screen) HD600. Did I miss the mark on something? It improves on that mid-range but also doesn’t sound as sleepy as an HD 650. Hahaha. Long story short, I got the chance to demo Massdrop’s newer HD 6XX iteration. It can really get fatiguing after awhile, as if the vocalist is shouting at you or raising his/her voice. PS: Another option is to buy a K712 for 233 €, although I know that this is a headphone not so comparable to the first two. I really didn’t want to send them back! The K3 out of the single ended jack outputs: Quite a bit less on paper, but in reality you’re only turning up the dial a tad more than you would with an E10K. I do think the 600’s are a bit more comfortable over the long haul though. With that, let’s take a look at my notes.. Well I think you know what I’m about to say. The headphone looks, feels, and functions exactly like an HD 600 or 650. The HD600 resembles a young lady who’s still got some growing up to do. Massdrop did a fantastic job with them. That hallmark Sennheiser sound is still there in spades! On the violin soloist passages, the HD600 is a clear favorite, but when the drama comes, I am not quite as sure on which is better. Instead of the archaic, cheap, and flimsy wiring present on the 600, we’ve now got one almost identical to the 650. However, on this particular track, some of the more nuanced guitar work started getting muddled and overwhelmed by the bass and the vocals. What I also love about the 6XX is that the cable is now a lot shorter. It excels better with lighter genres like Classical, Jazz, Acoustic, etc. That shaves $80 - $100 off of the usual HD650's, and still beats the HD600's by an easy $80 (although, I bought mine in person for ~$315, after sales tax, but supporting a local audio store).

hd6xx vs hd600

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