Eavesdropping in a dream means that one in tends to defame the other person. Such a person also may attain a blessed spiritual station and benefit from what he hears and sees. Performing the Friday congregational prayers in a dream is a sign of happiness, joy, festivities, celebrations, the pilgrimage season, abstaining from borrowing money for one’s accessories or luxuries. Lamenting or crying in a dream means distress, sorrow and stress. (Also see Burial; Grave; Shrine)... Islamic Dream Interpretation. Ifone sees a deceased person sick in a dream, it means that his condition is contingent upon the satisfaction of his debts and that he is awaiting the Divine justice to take its course. The barking of dogs in a dream means vain talk, interference in others’ business, regret, intending to harm others, hostility toward others, or dissonance. Standing up awaiting one’s judgement on the Day of Resurrection in a dream means travels. B. Islamic traditions [hadiths] regarding crying. If one sees a stream flowing in the direction of his house, or garden in a dream, it means a marriage or conceiving a child. Performing a special prayer of fear (arb. Eid-ul Adjja. If the person seeing the dream is unmarried, it means that he will get married.lfhe is married, it means that he will beget two children. If one dies and gets buried in a dream, it means his freedom. Dream of fog and threats 15. If she sees herself putting makeup and anointing herself with perfume in a dream, it means good news for her and for her husband. Ifone sees himself sitting in a gathering of people praying for departed souls in a dream, it means that he will pray in a funeral. To come back to life after dying in a dream means that one will become rich and dispense with poverty, or it could mean that he will repent for his sins. Ifa warrior sees the Day of Resurrection in a dream, it means that by God’s decree, the aggressor shall be defeated. The clank of money in a dream also means either good or bad news, or it could mean hearing good words, a wise speech, or words one likes to hear more about, if they are given as a sign of friendship or as a dower. The roaring of a lion in a dream means threats. Joining the funeral prayers in a dream means fostering brotherhood with people on God’s path. Performing a special prayer of greeting the mosque in a dream means spending one’s money to help his relatives and the needy people among his friends. I can’t remember the entire dream but at the point I woke I was stroking a dying black cat, I can remember feeling very sad and needing to call to someone (someone from earlier in the dream) to get it medical attention, then I woke. The squeak of a mouse in a dream means profits, reunion, love and peace. In general, the death of a woman in a dream means the death of a child in wakefulness and vice-versa. I'll in sha Allah mention some: 1. Performing the divinely ordained prayers in dream also means loyalty to one’s promise, employment for a person who could not find a job, or reconciliation with a long forsaken friend or relative. If a healthy person sees that same dream, it means that what he says is false. Dream about hugging a stranger . Khawf) in a dream represents unity, concord, commonconsent, peace and tranquility. If one does not contemplate thus in the dream, it means that he will forget about something important or dear to his heart. Seeing the Day of Resurrection in a dream also represents the spread of evil, the presence of an extended police force, and the ruling of large armies and dictatorships around the world. The sound of bells and the hissing of snakes in a dream represents a fight, an argument, a warning, or a war. The barking of a jackal in a dream means a mission of good intent, or a forthcoming evil. breaking up and then coming back the next day all smiling just because you wanted to know my reaction to not being with you. A church in a dream also could mean distress, trouble, slander, innovation, injustice, a business club, a meeting house, bingo, wine, alcoholic consumption, communion, weddings or a wife. (Also see Cage; Cradle of Lsmiiil)... Islamic Dream Interpretation. Ifone sees himselfcarrying the scale to weigh his own deeds in a dream, it denotes his righteousness and correctness. Ifa woman sees her face blackened with soot in a dream, it means the death of her husband. The chirp of swifts in a dream means good words or an admonition from a wise person. Talking to dead people in a dream means having ingratitude toward one’s family or friends. Supererogatory prayers in a dream also mean striving for unity with one’s community, love for one’s brethren and constantly trying to serve and please them with deeds, money, moral and financial support. It also denotes the weakness of people’s faith and their lack of trust in God Almighty. What a deceased person says about himself in a dream is true, for he has reached the abode of truth and he can exercise no falsehood in that abode. Performing any supererogatory prayer, whether during the day or the night in a dream means performing a good deed that brings someone closer to his Lord, or reconciling adversaries, or fostering love between people. Ifone performs the prayers of fearing something in a dream, it means creating a business partnership, business activities or suffering the pangs of death. If one sees a deceased person busy, worried and ill dressed in a dream, it means that he is engaged in a struggle that can only subside by the will of God Almighty. For the latter, this emotion often happens when the dreamer experiences a dream so intense, it feels real. Ifone sees the graves splitting open, dead people resurrected back to life and are walking out of them accompanied with their angels in a dream, it means that justice will prevail in that land. If one leads the prayers in his dream, it means that he will guarantee something to someone, or it could means that he will borrow money for a term. Such a yearning in a dream also connotes evil if accompanied with crying or lamenting.... Islamic Dream Interpretation. Paying tribute to a funeral in a dream means bidding farewell or paying respect to a travelling friend. Books have been written and meanings for certain aspects of a dream have been given. Ifone sees himself as the owner of a stream, a spring, or a watercourse which he establishes as a charity in a dream, it means that he will become a leader, a president, or happily serve his community. (See Body’). Adisgusting look on one’s face in a dream means loathsomeness, and loathsomeness in a dream represents a disgusting face. Performingthe funeral prayers (arb. In a dream, God’s prophet Noah (uwbp) represents longevity, adversities, sufferings, triumph, children from a disgraceful wife, though one will remain content and grateful to God Almighty for His gift. If the water in the stream is murky, or salty, or running outside its canal, then it represents a coming calamity that will cause mass sufferings, or a sickness such as cold in the winter and fever in the summer, or it could mean that they will hear bad news about some travellers, or it could represent a richness which is acquired from an unlawful source, or it could mean that he will receive tainted money. Sleeping in one bed with a deceased person in a dream means longevity. As for the mid-afternoon prayers, known in Arabic as ‘Agr, performingit in a dream means taking a vow or making a promise. If one dies and gets buried in a dream, it means that he will get married. (Also see Base)... Islamic Dream Interpretation. In other dreams, you are dying or watching a loved one die. Ifone is poor in the dream, it means that may lose one of his eyes. Ifa suitable person sees himselfbeing a preacher in a dream, it means that he will be appointed to manage a sensitive position of authority. Ifone becomes a pillar in a dream, it also could mean his death, or it could mean crying. (Burial ground; Grave; Graveyard) Seeing a cemetery or a graveyard in a dream means appeasement and comfort for a terrified person, and dismay to a comfortable and a relaxed person. If the ceiling falls over someone’s head in a dream, it means that punishment and sufferings will befall him too. Performing the prayers ofthe festival ofsacrifice (arb. A stream in a dream also represents a good life, or the comfort of its owner. Arabian (Islamic) Buying a cradle or sitting in a cradle in a dream means blessings, grace, profits and comfort. Ifone sees his mother dying in a dream, it means that he will lose his worldly attainments, comfort and that he may become heedless. To see oneself outside of such a hole looking at it in a dream means having an argument with one’s spouse that will end in reconciliation. making fun of someone’s dependence on you is not hilarious. What does it meaning crying, sheep in the dream? The howling of a wolf in a dream means robbery. As for the night prayer, known in Arabic as ‘Isha. If one’s house turns into a church in a dream, it means that he will bring its business to his house, or it may mean a fight with one’s boss. Crying in a dream can be associated with the diversity of symbols found in a dream. Praying any supererogatory prayers (arb. The braying of mules in a dream means vain talk, or it could mean indulging in suspicious acts. On another level, if one sees himself praying the evening ‘I.§ha prayers in a dream, it means that he is committed to attend to his family’s needs as commanded by God Almighty, such as providing for their food, clothing, shelter and teachings. Ifone hides under a roofin a dream, it means that he will enter his house and rob his family’s belongings. If there is no skin to cover one’s cheeks in a dream, it means that he lives from asking others for his needs. Performing the festival prayers (arb. The beauty of a woman’s face or that of a child in a dream means blessings. (Tallow-chandler; Wax-chandler) In a dream, a chandler represents festivities,joy, happiness, death, illness, guidance, knowledge, wanting something, or crying for it. If a deceased person gives the person seeing the dream a cloak or an adorned shirt in a dream, it means gaining what the deceased person acquired of knowledge, wealth, blessings or status during his lifetime. This also could mean admonishing heedless people who will repent for their sins. For a Christian person, seeing a church in a dream signifies a house of worship, religion, knowledge, devotion, work, ascetic detachment, fear of wrongdoing, penance, lamentation and it could mean crying. A column made from granite in a dream represents someone who despises himself. What is disliked in such dreams is the murky water. Columns in a dream also represent important and strong men who are capable of managing their responsibilities.

i am crying in dream islam

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