I am an Assistant Professor of Arabic language at Northwestern University. CLA 201: Introduction to Classical Arabic: Historical Beginnings and Conceptual Limitations  Students and professionals from all over the world come to Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute not only to learn Arabic, but also to take part in various cultural activities which introduce them to the Arab and Moroccan culture. Modern Standard Arabic is used throughout the world today. Teacher at Waldo Middle School, Salem, Oregon, USA. As a part of one of these programs, once you have enrolled for your language course – either Modern Standard Arabic or Moroccan Arabic – you may select your elective and Area Study courses. We’ll explain all the different terms in this article. Studying Classical or Quranic Arabic with this skilled team of Arabic teachers will provide students with the support and academic atmosphere they need to successfully comprehend this iteration of the Arabic language. Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic native speakers with advanced degrees in applied linguistics, education and Arabic literature and years of experience teaching both independent students and study abroad groups in Morocco and abroad. The teachers and other staff are caring and kind hearted people who will always occupy a place in my heart with happy and friendly memories. After my experience at IGAI, I feel more confident about expressing myself in Arabic, “I truly believe that I learnt a lot in this course. We are an Arabic language school located in Rabat, Morocco and we are committed to teaching Arabic as a foreign language as well as providing a truly unique Moroccan cultural experience. He handled a mixed group with energy and goodwill. Learn to speak, write and read Arabic in Morocco at Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute. Not very much. There are also words that are unique to Darija, with no traceable roots of sources outside Morocco. I have countless good memories of the six-weeks I spent with the Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute this summer. The collection was called Al-Kitab, or “The Book.” Over the centuries, Classical Arabic changed and developed, becoming more modern and standardized, until Modern Standard Arabic became commonplace in the 19th century. Overall; I really enjoyed my course at IGAI. The food was very delicious and the room was very confortable.”. Most online Arabic schools offer Levantine, Egyptian, and Iraqi Arabic, but it can be difficult to find Moroccan Arabic classes, especially online or outside of Morocco. Our program combines academic excellence, professional assistance and cultural immersion. The excursions were fun, delightful and informative. Arabic poetry that came after Islam often detailed life and important elements of Islam, making it an important source for future Classical Arabic study. I would recommend the courses in term of teaching and even for excursions, the stuff was enjoyable. In the Classical Arabic course, this type of environment allows students to take a closer look at the intricacies of Classical Arabic without the stress of a large class size. All Qalam wa Lawh teachers are highly-trained in Arabic instruction, and many of them also have advanced degrees in education and Arabic language study. Generally speaking, you will hear Moroccan Arabic spoken in the streets. It is pretty much impossible for a classical Arabic speaker to understand Darija. Do not hesitate to enroll and I am definitely going back there to learn more and practice! 2. PA, USA. The Role of Modern Arab Media in Modern Arab Nationalism, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG7WmScttcM&list=PLSw_xVr916mvzzCRQrVpVcZg5frhA8WD5. This rule is to ensure that students have a small, communicative setting in which to study and practice their language of choice. Arabic Language Center, located in Agadir, Morocco, is the best place for you to study Arabic! With a vibrant culture and a rich intellectual heritage, Morocco is naturally a destination of choice for students from acro Highly qualified professors, friendly staff and a full immersion program. Study Arabic in Morocco at the Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies. Download all idioms and phrases. The textbook is designed for Peace Corps volunteers learning the variety of Arabic mostly widely spoken in Morocco. Professor of Russian. I spent 4-6 hours a day studying classical Arabic at the Qalam wa Lawh Arabic Language Center in Rabat. My experience at IGAI has been of a great help in the beginning of my Arabic studies. One Subject course (30 lessons) is automatically included. I had the most amazing experience here! Qalam wa Lawh courses use passages from religious and secular texts. For this reason, Classical Arabic scholars must have a good understanding of the context of a text in order to read it correctly. It is the official language of more than 20 countries and there are well over 300 million native speakers of the language. Learn Arabic in Morocco at Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute. Intermediate Classical Arabic Program is an introductory course in Arabic grammar (syntax) based on the renowned classical primer in Arabic grammar, al-Muqaddima al-Ajurrumiyya, with additional materials to lay a basic foundation of morphology.The course will consist of an organic mixture of interactive lecture, homework review, in-class exercises, and weekly reviews. Because Classical Arabic is such a fascinating subject, deemed worthy of study for the last dozen or so centuries, Qalam wa Lawh is happy to offer it as a course. Classical Arabic at Qalam wa Lawh is a linguistic course that, by nature of its subject, discusses historical and religious implications. ; (re)découvrir la culture marocaine à travers des activités diverses (visites, ateliers calligraphie…) organisées avec soin par le directeur Fouad Touzani ; ou encore vivre une expérience unique entouré d’étudiants étrangers tout aussi motivés que vous dans cette ville magnifique et ancestrale qu’est Fès !! I highly recommend IGAI to anybody who wishes to dive into a full comprehensive experience in an Arab country, to learn not just its language but also its way of experiencing and dealing with life. Juniata College. At Qalam wa Lawh, the Quran and hadith are both used as sources for understanding and learning Classical Arabic. CLA 302: Classical Language Mechanisms Heritage Texts  (For example, ق  in Modern Standard Arabic is marked with two dots above it. Fouad is a great director and everything went even better than I could have imagined. Two types of Arabic are spoken in Morocco—Modern Standard Arabic (MSA, and also known as fuss-ha) and Darija (also known as … The language courses in addition to the weekend excursions provided a basic foundation about the history and culture of Morocco.The instructors, administrators, and cooking staff were very friendly. Excellent program, well done! PA, USA. Therefore, we are so keen on cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue. Arabic Courses at Qalam wa Lawh Center. “I am extremely happy with my time here, the mentors were a great addition to our time, kudos to our teacher! No. I managed, thanks to IGAI and its staff, to truly get in touch with the Moroccan way of life and mentality, which is fascinating. They and the other staff at IGAI made me feel comfortable and helped extend my learning experience outside of my hours of instruction in the morning. Much of the Classical Arabic poetry (sha’er or الشعر) studied today is Jahili poetry and is considered one of the main resources for many Classical Arabic scholars. I really enjoyed the lectures. First and foremost, however, Classical Arabic is a language course. I enjoyed every single class I took and I did learn a lot! Classical Arabic dictionaries will also be used. Apart from the learning experience, there is a great teacher/student relationship, which makes the atmosphere in Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute one of the best in studying Arabic, I really enjoyed the moments, especially with the mentors, when we got to see what ordinary Arabic life is like in Morocco. However, students whose time with Qalam lines up with the 14-week course, or who are interested in beginning the course even if they are unable to complete it, are welcome to add it to their course load while at Qalam. Working as a translator with the United Nations in Geneva, Dean, Office of International Education. Classical Arabic is more complex than Modern Standard Arabic, and it’s advisable for students who want to learn Classical Arabic to at least have completed some Intermediate level Arabic courses first. I had a positive experience with IGAI. But if you need some convincing, take a look at just some of them below: 1. The tutelage I received was excellent and I was surrounded by a diverse group of motivated students from around the world. Juniata College. Darija, the most spoken language in Morocco, is a variant of Arabic with strong influences from other languages such as Andalusian, Amazigh, Catalan, Spanish and French. Professor, French & Chair, World Languages & Culture Department. Arabic Courses in Rabat: - Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the standardized literary Arabic understood throughout the Arab speaking world. I liked the idea of using two different manuals which were complementary for teaching Arabic. Acoustic differences between the two languages include two things used in Classical Arabic: first, the use of some sounds in Classical Arabic that are completely foreign to the Modern Standard Arabic used today, and second, the use of accents to denote different vowel sounds within the text. When you take time to dive into the history and culture of … Differences between Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic, Small courses provide an in-depth look at Classical Arabic. The teacher was highly competent and the administrative staff friendly and helpful. While Modern Standard Arabic is full of new and modern words and phrases, Classical Arabic is mostly a historical language, only used in the Qur’an and Arabic poetry, literature, and music. Thank you so much Fouad for giving me this opportunity and showing me Fez and so much more! Arabic students who know only Modern Standard Arabic (العربية الفصحى) will at first find very little that is recognizable in the Moroccan dialect, known locally as darija (الدارجة المغربية). I spent summer 2011 in Rabat, Morocco, on an Arabic study grant from the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies. Featured mainly in the Islamic holy book - the Quran - and old Arabic literature, Classical Arabic is no longer a living language. As a rule, Qalam wa Lawh language classes do not have more than ten students. Darija is the local dialect of North – West Africa, from Morocco to Tunisia. I very much appreciate how much Fouad and Hicham accommodated me with private instruction that was tailored at the last minute since I had failed to communicate well where I was in al-Kitaab. Non-Berbers often speak Berber or a Moroccan dialect that is a mixture of Arabic, French, Berber, and Spanish. He pushed us to achieve more than we thought we could. Not only I learned the dialect, but the culture as well! From great epics to love stories to theatre pieces and even elements of fantasy, Classical Arabic literature provides a wealth of information that helps students and scholars alike examine the full picture of Classical Arabic writing. Its influence, though, is one so great that it has stood the test of time. Welcome to Speak Moroccan, your ultimate resource to learn Moroccan Arabic online. CLA 301: Formal and Technical Textual Heritage Forms  I learned more from his pronunciation exercises than from the ones in the book. Some letters have different accents or demarcations in Classical Arabic that make it impossible to differentiate from other letters. Learn Moroccan Arabic words and phrases (Moroccan Arabic) for travellers to Morocco The ھ is pronounced by a slight exhalation, like the English H of HOME. Classical Arabic, more commonly known as Literary Arabic, is the administrative language of the country. 10. This language barrier causes some children not to attend school. I had the most amazing teacher, Fatima, and made such wonderful friends at Ibn Ghazi! COURSE OVERVIEW. While all the revelations were not written down immediately, followers of Islam compiled all the revelations into written form, soon after Muhammad’s death. Furthermore, Arabic is the language of Islam and it’s used in more than 20 countries in North Africa and the Middle East. I recommend them highly to anyone interested in studying Arabic. They made the entire experience wonderful. The purpose of Classical Arabic is to understand the sacred text of the Quran, and therefore, logically, it must be learned in order to study the Muslim Holy book. I had a memorable experienceI Fuad, the director, rocks! Our large air-conditioned classrooms, the computer lab and wireless connection offer an ideal setting for studying. A straight-forward and easy to use primer for the beginner – and now expanded and improved in this new 2nd edition. IGAI’s summer programme was quite positive and largely met my expectations. The writing style of the two languages is also vastly different. Although not a literary language, it certainly has rich elements of romanticism, as it is derived from Classical Arabic, Berber, French, Spanish and, more recently, English in both vocabulary and pronunciation. Their main aim is to ensure that their students build a solid foundation in communication skills, which allow learners to use Arabic language with confidence and self-assurance. Usually just one year later, they learn French in a systematic way that quickly establishes it as their second formal language. My experience at IGAI was good and I enjoyed it. We especially appreciated the opportunity to ask our guests about their culture, and I think we all feel that we progressed very well in Arabic. Ibn Ghazi Institute has excellent facilities, a serious and helpful staff, and a nice location. Classical Arabic is the key to unlocking a wealth of Arabic music, poetry, and literature – not to mention a better understanding of one of the world’s largest religions. PA, USA. While poetry is still a well-respected art throughout the Arab world, Classical Arabic poetry is often viewed with a special reverence. How do/can markets that govern a market economy resolve information asymmetry and avoid market failures? CLA 401: General Philology Study  All intermediate to advanced students who wish to learn Classical Arabic alongside their MSA or Moroccan Darija study are able to do so. The use of computer and internet resources were also very useful. A great experience. Moroccan Arabic (known as Darija) is the spoken native vernacular.The languages of prestige in Morocco are Arabic in its Classical and Modern Standard Forms and some times French, the latter of which serves as a second language for approximately 33% of Moroccans. We had 3 hours of intensive lessons a day, with homework given, which meant there was enough time in the afternoons to explore Fes and the surrounding areas. Arabic is one of the official languages of Morocco and it’s the most-used language in the North African nation. Learning Moroccan Arabic is honestly one of the hardest things I’ve set out to do. First and foremost, however, Classical Arabic is a language course. Gain a deeper understanding of Arabic language through deciphering and translating texts that have historical, linguistic, literary and religious aspects. Classical Arabic is offered as an elective through the Academic Study Abroad programs or can be included in faculty-led and custom Arabic programs. Today, the Quran has been translated to most of the world’s languages, despite some difficulties in translating from the original Classical Arabic. Although I started with virtually no knowledge of Arabic, I was able to meet my language objectives because our Arabic instructor was excellent. The Quran is the holy book of Islam, believed by Muslims to be, the word of God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th. Each course takes 80 hours to complete. Arabic is the fifth most spoken native language in the world. The mentors were unbelievable! The atmosphere was friendly; the teacher was enthusiastic, highly skilled and had a good sense of humor. Even within Classical Arabic poetry, though, there are differences. Moroccan Arabic - a practical guide to learning Moroccan Darija - the Arabic dialect of Morocco (2nd edition) By Aaron Sakulich Rajae Khaloufi, Editor George F Roberson, Publisher and Project Director. It offers all levels of Arabic study throughout the year and, in addition to tuition, fees also include accommodation, two meals per day and cultural excursions. Scholars often point to the Quran and Arabic poetry as the most important examples of Arabic literature, although there was much literature being created around the same time. Students learning Arabic at Central Junior High in Bedford have three teachers – the two in their classroom and another one 5,000 miles away. In addition, the outside lecturers who were invited to speak with us contributed so much to my understanding of Moroccan culture and society; they were thought provoking. These materials include the Qur’an, from old Arabic poetry and literature, and from hadith (the recorded sayings, actions, and approved actions of the Prophet Muhammad). Going abroad to study Arabic is one of the best ways to learn the language. Trips, excursions and immersion activities. Darija incorporates many words and grammatical constructions … Our goal is to help you learn Moroccan Darija, i.e. Classical Arabic courses at Qalam wa Lawh introduce intermediate and advanced Arabic learners to the beauty of Classical Arabic through a multitude of texts, grammar lessons, and discussion. All intermediate to advanced students who wish to learn Classical Arabic alongside their MSA or Moroccan Darija study are able to do so. Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute has developed an excellent reputation as one of the leading institutions in the Middle East and North Africa for teaching Arabic as a foreign language, offering advanced Arabic-related courses tailored to students’ needs and .organizing cultural immersion programs. Tuscarora Intermediate Unit, McVeytown, PA. USA. I soon felt at home there, all of the staff were incredibly welcoming and good fun, and the building itself has all the facilities you need. The accommodation was clean, calm and confortable. The course provides not only a solid comprehension of the Classical Arabic language but will also use a variety of texts to examine these linguistic details. As one of the most spoken languages in the world and one of the United Nation’s six official languages, reasons for studying Arabic abound. Because the Classical Arabic course is typically part of the Academic Semester Program, taking the course may not work for the schedules of most Qalam students who register for Intensive Arabic courses. Classical Arabic at Qalam wa Lawh is a linguistic course that, by nature of its subject, discusses historical and religious implications. Some days we wished we had had less homework and more time to explore Fes, but I am glad that he pushed us and that I did that homework. Many writers wrote biographies of important persons and historical accounts of events in history, but there was also much room for early Arabic fiction, as well. Professor at Juniata College, Pennsylvania. Probably not. Here you'll find a diversified set of free Moroccan Arabic materials and other resources. It contains 10 lessons, each consisting of a dialogue, vocabulary list, grammar notes, a popular proverb, and supplementary dialogue and/or … a/ Classical Arabic – 04 levels b/ Moroccan Arabic – 06 levels c/ Media Arabic – 04 levels d/ Arabic Literature – 04 levels. Juniata College. Pre-Islamic poetry, the Jahili tradition, focused on specific wording that lent strong vocabulary and eloquence to the poems of the time. My experience at IGAI has been very good, the lessons were interesting and well organized and the teachers have proved very useful and really friendly. This intricate language is still studied by thousands of students and religious scholars around the world. I took intensive Moroccan Darija courses at IGAI. Because so much of the materials for Classical Arabic study are important both historically and religiously, the study of language and of culture go hand in hand in Qalam’s Classical Arabic course. It is the composition of Darija, which gives its appeal to the student of linguistics and offers a unique and insightful … Before you decide whether the course is right for you, feel free to take a look at some frequently asked questions about Classical Arabic at Qalam, as well as the language on the whole. Classical Arabic is the base from which Modern Standard Arabic developed. Used in modern media, literature, and governmental proceedings, Modern Standard Arabic is the standardized literary Arabic understood throughout the Arab speaking world. Our most popular programs include: Intensive and Semi Intensive Arabic, summer programs and many others. The tradition of Arabic poetry dates back well before the days of Islam, starting as an oral tradition that was eventually written down. Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, USA. Our State of the art facility is a large shady villa located in a calm residential area just ten minutes on foot from downtown Fez and ten minutes drive to the historic medina. “. No. Here are some pronunciation guidelines for Moroccan Arabic: The خ is pronounced like the Spanish JOTA or the German CH. The teacher provided excellent language instructions as well as an enjoyable personality and genuine interest in cultural exchange. Subject Course options: These subjects are taught by professors from Mohammed V, Ibn Tofail and Hassan II Universities and are available in Arabic or English. The ر is pronounced like a rolled R. MP3 + PDF. The opportunity to talk in Arabic every day, and to study every day, was extremely beneficial, and my Arabic has drastically improved. Finally, the Institute arranged for some excellent trips in Fes and beyond, and the entire IGAI staff was friendly and helpful. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience! Practically, the majority of mosques in Morocco provide Quran, Tajweed and Arabic lessons. The problem with this is that darija is very much a verbal language. “IGAI was a great experience in terms of cultural and linguistic learning. We are located in the heart of Fez in a calm residential neighborhood ten minutes walk from downtown Fez and ten minutes drive from the historic medina, the largest medieval city in the world. Furthermore, some words from classical Arabic have withstood the test of time in Morocco, yet are no longer used in MSA. Moroccan Arabic (Arabic: اللهجة المغربية ‎) (known as Darija in Morocco) is a form of vernacular Arabic spoken in Morocco. We offer Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic courses. The Role of the American President in Establishing US Foreign Policy: The Case of the Middle East and North Africa. I am NOT an verbal learner, I much prefer to read and write to learn anything. Additionally, some Arabic words used in Morocco are used in a different context than within MSA. The Arabic programme was balanced in a way that made classes challenging yet enjoyable, and with every week that passed our improvement was clear to see. Je ne peux que vous recommander l’Institut Ibn Ghazi si vous souhaitez à la fois étudier l’arabe selon votre niveau avec des professeurs expérimentés, compétents et à l’écoute (spéciale dédicace à ma professeure préférée Fatima Lhouari !) Qalam wa Lawh > Academics > Courses > Arabic Courses > Arabic for specific purposes. Each course targets communication and Arabic comprehension and is … In Morocco… Qalam wa Lawh offers several Arabic language courses, including Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Classical Arabic, Arabic Literature, and Media Arabic. Arabic American Language in Institute in Morocco (Meknes): This private language institute in one of Morocco’s Imperial Cities is accredited by the Moroccan Ministry of Education and has US offices in Virginia. When children are enrolled in schools, they must learn one or more foreign languages, including classical Arabic. Arabic is the liturgical language of Islam. In their first grade, young Moroccan students learn classical Arabic. I think that thanks to this course, my Arabic improved, so thank you so much for this month I spent here in Morocco. The first encyclopedic collection of the Arabic language was created by Sibawayh, a linguistic scholar, in the 8th century. Juniata Valley School District, Alexandria, PA, USA. In addition to the millions of native speakers, many more millions know Ara… century. After IGAI’s experience, I can proudly say that I have a strong motivation to continue my Arabic studies. In general, I liked to experience the Moroccan and Arab culture because I learned not only the language – which I adore- but also the Moroccan way of life and mentality. There are a number of languages of Morocco.The two official languages are Standard Arabic and Tamazight. Our ideal location in the heart of Fez allows students to explore this timeless city which remains the historical and cultural capital of Morocco and one of few remaining medieval cities in the world. Intermediate Classical Arabic Program is an introductory course in Arabic grammar (syntax) based on the renowned classical primer in Arabic grammar, al-Muqaddima al-Ajurrumiyya, with additional materials to lay a basic foundation of morphology.The course will consist of an organic mixture of interactive lecture, homework review, in-class exercises, and weekly reviews. Excellent! However, if you want precise information, please visit ''المجلس العلمي'' ''Almajlis Al ilmi'' of the city. Juniata College, USA. I would recommend IGAI to anyone, and would definitely love to go back!. I had a wonderful experience in Morocco. Teacher at Tyrone School District, Tyrone, PA, USA. The ones I have used to learn Moroccan Arabic are Italki, Busuu, and Verbling. In Morocco there are two official languages, Arabic and Amazigh, which are spoken in the streets and villages of Morocco. Classical Arabic is close in form to ancient classical Arabic, which exists in the liturgical literature of Islam. CLA 202: Manifestations of the Classical Arabic Language  An intermediate level in Standard Arabic is required in order to enroll in Classical Arabic courses. It is the foundation not only for Modern Standard Arabic - the language used by all Arabic-speaking governments and media outlets - but also for every Arabic dialect used in the modern world. While a lot of language learning websites will offer classical Arabic, these are the only three websites I found where you can practice Moroccan Arabic with a native speaker. . Learning Arabic in Morocco. At IGAI, we believe that language is a unifying force and an indispensable means to realize peace and coexistence. Classical Arabic, sometimes referred to as Quranic Arabic or Koranic Arabic has the key to understanding Islamic scriptures as well as centuries of beautiful poetry and litterature. While Classical Arabic did not truly become a standardized language until well into the 8th century, early traces of Classical Arabic can be found before the development of Islam, in the period called Jahiliyyah. Learn Arabic in Morocco, at Lessane arabi center, We specialized in Arabic M.S.A and colloquial Moroccan darija we provide arabic courses for non-native speakers. I can’t wait to come back! that help shape the Islamic tradition, as well. Learning about Classical Arabic at Qalam wa Lawh gives students the opportunity to really understand the fundamentals of Classical Quranic Arabic and just how broad its influence has been since its development. Before making it to the course, I had no belief I could make a significant improvement in Arabic as an absolute beginner, but the help of the amazing director and staff, I can now read and write and express myself in Arabic. Not only did I benefit from the lessons in Today, Classical Arabic is used almost exclusively to read the Quran, as well as by scholars and studies who study Classical Arabic all over the world. Course placement is based on prior study of classical arabic. In Classical Arabic, writers only used one dot, which makes the letter difficult to distinguish from ف .) Best YouTube channels to learn Moroccan Arabic. The linguistic and grammatical differences between the two types are mainly related to the three categories of linguistics: grammar, terminology, and acoustics (meaning configuration of the mouth and throat and the sound of the language). I completed a 6 week intensive course there, and they gave me a solid foundation in Arabic. USA, from France. Thank you for an enriching experience! Through the exploration of Quranic Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and even the construction of specific phrases, students gain insight into one of the most influential languages in the world. I really liked the courses and I think it is a very useful experience. IGAI’s residence was very confortable and the food was delicious.”. The hadith is a record of the, sayings, actions, and approved actions of the Prophet Muhammad. Cultivate Cultural Curiosity & Connections. the Arabic dialect spoken in Morocco. While the base is there, Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic are different enough that some MSA students can only understand about 10% of Classical Arabic. Donc foncez ! The teachers are wonderful and so knowledgeable and very encouraging. Director, Language in Motion & Assistant Professor of English. ALC offers a wide range of Arabic, French and Tamazight courses. from Switzerland, studying at Sciences Po, Paris. My experience at Ibn Ghazi was Great, Amazing Director Good staff with good manners, good teaching, I moved up quickly in my Arabic level in just 3 weeks! Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, literary Arabic, spoken Arabic, Arabic dialects, Quran Arabic…don’t panic! The ح is aspirated as in the Arabic name Hasan. After learning Modern Standard Arabic, it’s important to choose a colloquial dialect to focus further on Arabic study, as the spoken language varies in different regions.

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