The only non-Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras out there now are high-priced models from Leica, including the M (Typ 240) ( at Amazon) and SL ($3,887.21 at Amazon) . The Sony a7 II is a good camera in terms of price, sensor, image stabilization, and articulating screen. When used in conjunction with the A7 II the in-lens and in-body systems work in concert to steady images. I've also included crops from our ISO test sequence, converted from Raw using default settings in Lightroom 5.7.1, in the slideshow, so you can judge for yourself. And thanks to the latest firmware, autofocus SLR lenses from Canon, Nikon, and Sony can use the camera's on-sensor phase detection system for fast, accurate autofocus. It’s the fourth member of the Sony A7-series line-up, as Sony continues their path of creating specialized cameras with unique virtues that other cameras cannot realize – even other Sony … The main catch is that the resulting image is of fairly low resolution. The Good For the most part, the Sony A7R II delivers terrific photo and video quality in a compact, well-designed body. In order to compensate along the x and y axes, the camera needs to know the distance to the subject, which requires electronic communication of the focal distance from the lens to the body. Plus, there's simultaneous dual format recording in MP4 and XAVC S or MP4 and AVCHD format to provide an easy format for sharing along with data-rich footage for editing. The Alpha A7 and Alpha A7R proved that CSCs could offer full-frame cameras without piling on the … Video is crisp and full of detail, with quick autofocus. The headline feature of the A7 II is its new 5-axis in-body image stabilisation system, which takes on an entirely different approach to the type of IS system we’ve seen in Sony … The Sony A7 II is a full-frame mirrorless camera that delivers fantastic image quality. © 1996-2020 Ziff Davis, LLC. Sony Alpha A7 II (body only with pro kit) ilce7m2bb $1,422.41. The Alpha 7 II's in-body OIS won't replace a steadicam for serious video work, but it's a helpful addition for casual clips or cinema verité-style projects. Using an old manual focus Pentax 85mm lens this time, I was able to get tack sharp results at handheld speeds as low as 1/25-second, and reasonably sharp images at 1/15-second—and that's with stabilization along just three axes. Sony Alpha A7 II (with 28-70mm lens) isoa7m2k $998.00. But, battery life, autofocus accuracy, and video … Before it, the Sony Alpha A7S II and A7R II both supported uncompressed raw shooting. It's got 12 banks, each of which can be programmed. The app also supports remote control, but there are limited controls available out of the box. Visit our corporate site. To put that in perspective, most lenses with integrated stabilization can only compensate for pitch and yaw. Even if you're using a purely mechanical Leica lens it can be stabilized—you're able to manually enter the focal length via a menu. It has good AF, superb image stabilization and produces very high quality images in a wide range of conditions. It's amazing to think that the Sony A7R II goes all the way back to 2015, and yet it still has in-body image stabilisation, 4K video and Sony's super-sharp 42.4MP full frame sensor. To its right you'll find a standard mode dial, an EV compensation dial that can be set in third-stop increments from -3 to +3, and programmable C1 and C2 button. It's not perfect—the battery life is disappointing when compared with full-frame SLRs, and you'll need to buy an external charger if you want to shoot with the camera while charging an additional battery.

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