Thank your lucky stars that Gliscor does not have Sand Veil since you're likely to be having to deal with a Sandstorm throughout most of this battle and the last thing you need is for Gliscor to become harder to hit. I've defeated 3 members of the Elite 4 on my first try. 45-48. The first Sinnoh Elite Four member to debut in the series was Flint, who made a cameo appearance in the last round of this chapter. Listen to Pokemon DiamondPearlPlatinum - Elite Four Battle.mid, a free MIDI file on BitMidi. It has very high Defence and Special Defence and the ability to boost both its Special Defence and Special Attack with Calm Mind. Drapion also wields Cross Poison, Aerial Ace and, presumably to make up for the fact that he actually isn't a Bug type, X-Scissor. Why can't I defeat the Elite Four? Songs start at $0.99. Flint & Volkner in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum. Procedure for catching Shaymin - Japanese Diamond/Pearl (Fly is needed) Have at least 8 badges and head for the Elite Four. Otherwise, Lopunny can be very difficult to defeat. My Infernape is level 61, Dialga and Unix are at level 51, Steelix is level 45, Floatzel is level 42 and Haunter is level 46. Weak to Fighting, Ground, Fire, Water, Drifblim: Ghost/Flying. She does still have Aqua Tail and Zen Headbutt however. If the pokemon are above level 40 I suggest training at the ocean between V-Road and sunyshore city. Electric: good against the tough Water type Pokémon you will encounter here. Optional, a Pokémon with the moves Fly, Teleport and Dig in case you get stuck inside a cave or route. Hippowdon is almost exactly the same as she was in Diamond and Pearl, except that she has replaced Curse with Yawn and is no longer Bertha's highest level Pokémon, having been demoted to third highest leveled, after Gliscor and Rhyperior. The best team for Pokemon Diamond Elite 4 is having a team with Water, Electric, Fire, Grass, Dialga, and Dark. Pokemon Diamond Version Summary : The first DS chapter of the continuing saga of Nintendo's "collect 'em all" RPG series, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl offer a number of exciting new features. Home; Video Walkthrough; Gym Leaders; Elite Four; Champion; Type Effectiveness Chart/Hints/Tips; Online Pokemon Games; Elite Four . Weak to Grass [4x Effectiveness], Hippowdon: Ground. The few drawbacks are weaknesses to Fighting, Ground, and Fire, which appear a lot battles to come. With so many possibilities, it’s tough to choose which Pokémon to take into … It may help to buy items at Celestial Town, since prices there are cheaper. In Pokémon Gold and Silver, he leaves his gym to join the Elite Four and is replaced by his daughter Janine. Pokemon Diamond Version Summary : The first DS chapter of the continuing saga of Nintendo's "collect 'em all" RPG series, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl offer a number of exciting new features. Lucian's main Pokémon is Bronzong who is notable for being the only Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokémon League who has no gender. Once you enter, you cannot leave until you have beaten all four of the Elite Four, plus the Champion. pretty good team but you should work on the levels. Weak to Ground, Rock, Water, Infernape: Fire/Fight. He has Shadow Ball and Crunch to take down any Ghost type foolish enough to challenge him and also uses Double Hit and Psychic. All of his attacks are some kind of punch and get a boost from his Pure Power Ability. Do you have any advice? If you lose to any member of the Elite Four you will lose half of your money and you will have to start over and battle them all again. Theodore [edit | edit source] Theodore specialises in using Electric-Type Pokémon. After this, you will be met by the credits. Train the rest of your team. Lopunny is the third and final Pokémon on Flint's team that knows Sunny Day and, like Rapidash and Steelix, he has a Fire-type move that gains a boost from it, in his case Fire Punch. Also good against Flying types. How to Select the Best Pokémon to Beat the Elite Four in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Weak to Flying, Ghost, Alakazam: Psychic. Vespiquen could be a fairly good defensive Pokémon and is designed to stall opponents and cause them to waste PP by using Pressure but unfortunately for Aaron, she is a Bug and Flying Pokémon which makes her extremely vulnerable to Rock type moves. This page has been accessed 248,281 times. I have 5 level 52-ish Pokemon and I want a Ghost/Dark for Lucian. Espeon has very high Special Attack and three moves that take advantage of this, namely Psychic, Shadow Ball and Signal Beam. Good Luck! If the pokemon are below level 40 i suggest going to the restaurant next to Lake Valor for double battles. An Elite Coverup! This is my guide to beating the Elite Four and Cynthia Elite Four Aaron Bug-Type Dustox lv.53 (Shield dust) Heracross lv.54 (Guts/Swarm) Vespiquen lv.54 (Evolution: Combee) (Pressure) Beautifly lv.54 (Swarm) Drapion lv.57 (Evolution: Skorupi) (Battle Armor/Sniper) Money 6940 "I lost with the most beautiful and toughest of the bug … However his Defense is appalling. One more thing to be noted: you are not healed in between battles. Lorelei is the first of the Elite Four that you must battle. So you’ve made it to The Pokémon League of Sinnoh and defeated your rival for the final time. You have completed the main … Rapidash is weak to Rock, Water, and Ground types. As far as types, if you vary them enough (about five to eight different types should be sufficient), you shouldn't have much trouble. 0 0. Brick Break will smash Reflect and Light Screen. He has a high Special Attack stat but lousy Defense so a Physical Attacker is a good choice to take him down. More on that later. Although he isn't as high leveled as Drapion, Heracross is the most dangerous of Aaron's Pokémon, since he has extremely high Attack power and all of his moves are Physical Attacks. For the Game Boy Color bootleg, see Keitai DenjÅ« Telefang.. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl begin Generation IV’s entries in Nintendo's popular Pokémon series of monster-battling RPGs.Diamond and Pearl are the first core games in the series to appear on the Nintendo DS.Diamond and Pearl carry on the series with all the usual aspects found in Pokémon games, but wrapped in a … I've defeated 3 members of the Elite 4 on my first try. 1 decade ago. By understanding the origins of the Elite Four, and the foundations that are upheld as a set of four powerful pillars in the world of Pokémon, players gain a much deeper sense of accomplishment and honor when completing the game. By defeating these "Four … No weaknesses. Gastrodon is both of these types and therefore is very vulnerable to Grass type moves, although she does have Sludge Bomb to counter this weakness. Have Infernape, Mamoswine, Gyrados, Garchomp, Roserade (Make sure it stays as a Roselia until Lvl 40 to learn the move Petal Dance) and finally a Raichu or a Luxray. — Aaron, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Platinum. The first member of the Sinnoh Elite Four in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl is Aaron. The Elite Four are the last bosses. Diamond & Pearl chapter. In Platinum, Cynthia has replaced her Gastrodon with Togekiss and become even more powerful. Strangely Cynthia has not taught Togekiss any Physical Attacks, despite the fact that Hustle increases his Attack power. Alakazam also has Energy Ball which does not cover any of his weaknesses but is super effective against Rock, Water and Ground types. Although Ground type moves are the only moves that are super effective against him, Drapion is basically helpless against Steel types since they are immune to Cross Poison and can resist all three of his other attacks. There are 4 things to do: complete the national pokedex, get 50 flags underground, beat 1 master rank contest and get 100 consecutive wins at the battle tower. Fortunately, although Flare Blitz get's a boost from Blaze, this can actually work in your favor since the more damage Infernape causes to your Pokémon, the more recoil damage he will take from Flare Blitz. Training the other Pokemon will fill the gap. Spiritomb: Ghost/Dark. Unlike all the other members of the Elite Four, Bertha has changed the movesets of the Pokémon that she previously had in Diamond and Pearl, which are Hippowdon, Golem and Whiscash. Flint. is the 13th episode of Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors. When Infernape is tired he will activate Blaze so if Flare Blitz suddenly seems more powerful than normal, that means that it has gotten a boost thanks to Infernape's Ability. Rhyperior uses Earthquake, Megahorn, Avalanche and her signature move Rock Wrecker, which is the Rock-type version of Giga Impact. After you have beaten the Elite 4, there is much more that can be done in Pokemon Diamond. Generations 4 and 5 of the series played around with some Elite Four members even further. Each Of Pokémon's Elite Four Uphold a Pillar Of Protection. The only difference is that they are at lower levels in the first battle and higher levels in all later battles. Select the Best Pokémon to Beat the Elite Four in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl So you’ve made it to The Pokémon League of Sinnoh and defeated your rival for the final time. With that trinket in hand you can visit 5 exclusive locations to capture 5 VERY rare Pokémon. Espeon also has Quick Attack to strike first and finish exhausted opponents. Instead, she has the completely useless Lightning Rod, which is only useful in Double Battles. Elite Four Pokemon Diamond. Avoid making embarrassing mistakes on Zoom! (四天王キクノ!カバルドンVSドダイトス!!Elite Four Bertha! Steel: immune to poison moves (handy for the first battle), and also are good defenders against Normal, Bug, Steel, Ice, Rock, Dark, Ghost, and Dragon attacks. so make suer that a pokemon can fly. For some reason, this Rhyperior does not have Solid Rock. Favourite answer. Don't use it against Ground or Water/Ground Pokémon, though, as those types are immune to Electric. Fortunately, this Heracross does not have the Guts Ability so it is safe to use status conditions on him. Finally Flint's Infernape is his main Pokémon and also the most dangerous. It expands on the recent creation of Pokémon SP (trainer-owned Pokémon) with Gym Leader's Pokémon and Elite Four's Pokémon. Weak to Bug, Dark, Ghost, Bronzong: Steel/Psychic. 1 decade ago. Share. How to Win Pokémon Contests in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Talk to the woman there to receive the HM waterfall, and then surf north and you will reach the cave.

pokémon diamond elite four

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