Omg love this recipe. Adding extra oils to melt and pour soap will make the finished product soft and greasy, often with pockets of solidified oil. And it's fairly quick and easy to make, though the soap bars do take at least a few weeks to cure. This is so good. I want all of the natural goodness that shea butter provides. This recipe makes a conditioning and naturally cleansing batch of soap. You’re not alone! Posted on August 23, 2019. The following claims are taken from Soap Queen, an expert in soap making. £16.11. Directions Place the Shea butter and cocoa butter in a heat-resistant bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (just like you’re melting chocolate!) ounces fragrance/essential oils of your choosing (optional), 1/2 Theobroma cacao (seed butter) This refined form of cocoa butter is very pale in colour (white to creamy white), deodorised and has its main uses in cosmetics and toiletries. At this point, you can add shea butter, melting it into the mixture. Cocoa butter will yield a thicker body butter that smells a bit like chocolate. Dove Beauty Bar Shea Butter Warm Vanilla Scent Soap 1/4 Moiturising Cream 100gr. It will be a very hard soap, but the lather will be poor. Rebatching is often done as a “fix” for ugly from-scratch soap or so crafters can add their own fragrances and colors to a truly natural bar without handling lye. If not, perhaps consider adding a humectant, such as honey, to your recipe, as Melanie describes in her body wash recipe. Rich in vitamin E and A, this is another hypo-allergenic, rich and deeply moisturizing raw form of HYDRATION for skin of all ages. Shea Butter in Soap Formulation. – Melanie. Your email address will not be published. You can leave distinct color swirls or mix it in fairly well for more subtle color variance. Simply Soft Shea Butter Soap Recipe 4.8 oz Olive oil 4.8 oz Coconut oil 3.2 oz Shea butter 3.2 oz Palm oil .8 oz Essential or scent oils 2.2 oz lye 6 oz water Can you add shea butter to easy soap recipes? The ivory-colored fat from the African shea tree, shea butter is a triglyceride fat with stearic and oleic acids. Shea butter not only adds moisture and shine, but it can … 2. Pour the soap mixture into your soap bar mold, and let it set up. Check here to see if your question has already been answered. If you’re worried, use caution and add cocoa butter instead. All you add is color, fragrance, and other aesthetic ingredients such as glitter or oatmeal. Note that lye gives off heat as it dissolves, and working too quickly can cause the mixture to bubble over. How to make Goats Milk soap with recipe (Cocoa Butter & Lavender Soap) - Duration: 1:28:26. Adds creaminess and richness to lotions, body butters, Skin softener. Let the lye solution cool for a bit until it's no longer bubbling before proceeding. In a heat-safe container, add 4.8 ounces of white beeswax and 6.4 ounces of sweet almond oil. Add desired colors and fragrances then press the hot mixture into molds. Using more than 15% can weaken a soap bar. Substitutions for Mango Butter in Soap. Unrefined shea butter can smell nutty. Shea butter tends to melt faster than cocoa butter though… As far as absorption, it’s been said that cocoa butter gets absorbed faster than shea butter (cocoa being the preferred choice for massage therapists…). To use cocoa butter well in your recipes, save the melted cocoa butter until your soap is at the trace stage, and then add it to your soap. But I worry that the shea butter will solidify within your body wash since that oil is solid below 90 degrees F. Also, let’s look at what you mean by “moisturizing.” Shea butter does moisturize, but it does so by applying a layer of oil to your skin the same way it would if you rubbed the shea butter directly onto your calluses. Stearic acid hardens the bar while oleic acid contributes to a stable lather while conditioning, moisturizing and making skin silkier and softer. Aromayur Earthy Spice Soap, Skin Care Premium Pure Ayurvedic 6 Bars x 75 grams. Softens skin, but exceeding 15% can cause cracking. Bring your soap batter to a thin trace and add in the coconut milk. It will never become completely smooth but it will turn a consistency which you can handle. Shea butter is extracted from the shea nut by crushing and cracking the outer shell. Be aware, however, that a soap made with nothing but shea butter will not have the best features for a soap. Your email address will not be published. And, if not, use our chat feature to contact our experts! 3 tbsp of castile soap and approximately 50-60 drops of essential oil (vanilla and pink grapefruit). teaspoon gold mica colorant (optional), 1/2 It already has the fat within the original recipe and the step involving lye has been done for you. Because shea butter doesn’t contribute very much to lather or hardness, as opposed to other oils, it should be used at 15% or less. Oils which make soap harder can be the same oils which increase the “cleanliness” value, meaning it strips away dirt and your body’s own natural oils. Once the butter is melted, add the cocoa powder, mica gold (if you are using it), and essential oil. Pour the Sodium Hydroxide into the distilled water and mix well to create a lye solution. But because it does come from a nut, the FDA requires nut labeling for any shea product sold within the US. I personally use mango butter in recipes at 5-15%. Note: if you want to make the lotion bars harder, add one or two tablespoons of beeswax. Cocoa and Shea butter are two of the best emollients around. It’s a lovely, mild, silky soap that my customers can’t seem to get enough of. Both are completely optional in this recipe. And it’s the protein which causes the allergy. Historical accounts claimed caravans carried clay jars full of shea butter during Cleopatra’s reign in Egypt. Hello And if you copied the recipe from someone else, even if it’s tried-and-true for them, always run it through a lye calculator before trying it. £99.99. 4. Body Butter Ingredients. Here is the recipe: Note: I used my divider mold for this soap, because I wasn’t sure if the high % of cocoa butter would make the soap crumbly or hard to cut. After roughly 24 hours, remove the soap from the mold and let it cure for about three to six weeks before using it. Is there any pitfall I fail to see? Place the mixture into the freezer or into an ice bath to cool the mixture as quickly as possible. £4.99. Goat milk soap recipes need little shea butter, if at all, because the goat milk already makes the recipe creamy and rich. **I like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil. To make the lye solution, first put on your safety gloves and goggles. While you’re waiting for the oils to melt, you can measure out your micas (colorants) and fragrance if you're using them. Curious how shea butter is made? The shea I’m using today is from Baraka Shea Butter . Measure and melt all oils and butters. Recipe Notes *Mango butter will yield a softer body butter. I adore shea butter in my soap, and you’ll find it in the … Shea butter and cocoa butter have protective, healing, and moisturizing properties. This soap recipe uses both cocoa butter and shea butter, which constitute roughly a quarter of all the ingredients by weight. Experiment with adding shea butter to soap recipes or obtain input from expert crafters if you don’t want to expend ingredients on trial and error. But shea butter is said to be a slightly better choice for skin treatments. July 6, 2020. Small bowls and a fork or whisk for the micas (optional), 4 1/2 You can substitute mango butter with another butter such as shea, cocoa or even kokum. Is there a better way to turn a soap (I’m not ready to handle lye yet, I’m afraid) into liquid body wash with additional Shea butter? As a soapmaker starter, I wish know what percent of lye is required to make five ounces of shea butter soap. It really is a matter of preference. Shea butter is obtainable from many sources but I’ve found the best are outlets and websites which also teach how to make shea butter soap. This shell removal is often a social activity within African villages: young girls and elder women sit on the ground and use rocks to do the work. Turn the slow cooker onto low and stir frequently as the soap melts. Substitutions for Shea Butter in Soap The original crafter could be trustworthy, but typos happen. Makers of goat milk soap may add shea simply for the aesthetic value. Take this recipe and make it your own. Activated charcoal is known for naturally pulling toxins from the skin and Tea Tree essential oil is a great anti-septic. You can also use shea butter again, if desired, instead of using mango or cocoa butter. I think I might try that next! I recommend you try both techniques when learning how to make shea butter soap. Working With Shea/Cocoa Butters. Check out this amazing video! This can leave skin dry. ", The Spruce Crafts uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Prepare the Micas and Fragrance (Optional), Make the Lye Solution and Add It to the Oils, How to Make Bastille Soap for Sensitive Skin, How to Make a Lye Solution for Cold Process Soap, 21 Creative Handmade Soap Recipes for Beginners, How to Make a Milk Soap Using Heavy Whipping Cream, Benefits of Hot Process Soap Using a Crock Pot, The Best Online Soap Making Classes of 2020. Used a large glass measuring cup (1 guart) and my hand mixer. Lots and Lots of Clay Soap. I personally use shea butter in many of my recipes at 5-15%. It is best, when making a soap, to use a mixture of oils to capture all of the best properties of each. Handmade Organic Soap Bars With Shea Butter Cocoa Essential Oils Vegan ECO . It’s okay to experiment and make your own soap recipes, as long as you enter all the values into a lye calculator. I increased the recipe to 1 cup of shea butter (Karitex) and 1 cup of coconut oil (Wal-Mart Great Value brand). Do the same in a separate bowl with the brown mica. Though it’s questioned whether topical application could result in sensitization to the protein, no reports have been made regarding allergic reactions to shea. Beeswax is a hardening agent. First, obtain a bar of premade soap. Shea butter provides the structure of the formulation; because it’s soft (rather than brittle, like cocoa butter), it provides a great base for a body butter that will be soft when it’s done. Continue heating gently for a few minutes (this helps minimise any graininess in the final product) whilst gently stirring. To give the soap a rich, warm swirl pattern, put the gold mica into a small bowl with about 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. Required fields are marked *. Then, add the lye solution to the oils. Weigh the cocoa butter, shea butter and apricot butter into the saucepan and gently heat until completely melted. Both butters melt when in contact with skin. Cocoa Butter: Aside from the fact that it smells AMAZING, cocoa butter … Measure you Sodium Hydroxide and Distilled Water. If you’ve already made soap from scratch, you know how to make shea butter soap. It’s not dangerous but it makes a horrible product. Stir both well with a fork or whisk. Ingredients you need: 60 gr beeswax (white or yellow) 20 gr cornstarch 30 gr Shea butter + cocoa butter (combined) 30 gr almond oil + jojoba oil (combined) David Fisher has been making soap for over 15 years. Originally published in 2016 and regularly vetted for accuracy. It will all be added fat, and too much will make a greasy product. teaspoon brown mica colorant (optional), 2 Then, add the olive and castor oils to the mixture. Grate it down into a slow cooker and add liquid such as coconut or goat milk, water, or tea. That depends on the recipe. In the microwave, heat the cocoa butter for about 3 minutes at 50 percent power. Continue to stick blend the soap batter until a medium trace is reached and pour 3/4 of the soap batter into your prepared soap mould. Then nuts are ground and kneaded by hand to separate oils. Unrefined cocoa butter is a bit darker than shea butter, with a browner/coffee tint to it, and the natural scent is unmistakable: it is pure, strong chocolate scent. When the cocoa butter is partially melted, add the shea butter and continue heating until it is partially melted. DIY Hair Deep Conditioner. ounces lard (or palm oil for a vegetarian option), 2 Add the sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil and the vitamin E (optional), stir well then leave to cool in a bowl of iced water. Can you add shea butter to easy soap recipes? Next, add the coconut oil and then the lard. Castile soap, made mostly with olive oil, is also softening and may not need shea butter. Essential Oil: Practical Aromatherapy in the Home, Reap Bay Leaf Benefits in Teas, Oils, Foods, Gift Guide for Those Favoring Self-Sustaining Living. © 2020, Countryside - All Rights Reserved, How to Make Homemade Soap: Easy Terms You Should Know, Hydrosol vs. Ingredients: 70 g Cocoa Butter; 35 g Coconut Oil; 15 Drops Chocolate Fragrance Oil; A pinch of Brown Mica or Cocoa … And these soap bars can be great homemade gifts. She lauds shea butter because it’s so versatile in soap and lotion, with 4-9% unsaponifiables (ingredients which cannot transform into soap), which makes it so skin-friendly. It will not soften skin. Excellent for soaps, balms, lotions, and hair products. Though one is not necessarily safer than the other, hot process produces a bar which can be used that day, though it doesn’t allow the beautiful techniques which are attainable with cold process soap. Using a spoon, stir together all … Then, gradually add the lye flakes to the water, gently stirring with your stainless steel spoon until the lye is dissolved. Take off the heat and pour into the mixing bowl. I imagine I will obtain a rich and creamy wash after which I don’t even need body lotion. For the first time, I would use a pre-made natural organic soap with rose scent I already have . If you want an easy soap project containing shea butter, purchase a “shea butter melt and pour soap base” from a soap making supply company. Soap Queen, the blogger for Bramble Berry products, has articles and posts on numerous soap making recipes. If you are not a fan of beeswax, try using a different kind of wax or no wax at all. Be sure it’s “cold process,” “hot process,” or says “rebatch base.” Avoid any melt and pour bases, which will list unnatural petroleum products within its ingredients list. It will leave your skin feeling nourished and silky smooth. If that’s what you want, great! Thank you in advance! This 25% cocoa butter recipe produces a very hard bar with a rich, creamy, fluffy lather. This means it’s perfect for soap. This … Because of its hard texture and warm smell, cocoa butter makes a fabulous addition to soap, lip products, body butters and more. I don't use palm oil anymore and a lot of friends are asking for vegan soap. First, put only the cocoa butter into your microwavable bowl or pot to begin melting it. Thank you. Shea Butter: This is the big daddy of moisturizers for your skin. Homemade Whipped Body Butter Recipe. 1/2 cup shea butter; 1/2 cup cocoa butter; 1/2 cup coconut oil; 1/2 cup light oil (like almond, jojoba, or olive) Shea butter can be added to any from-scratch soap recipe, though adjustments need to be made based on the other ingredients. It was, and still is, used to protect hair and skin from the unrelenting African sun. Melt in the microwave using 60 second bursts. ... How to make Organic Shea Butter Soap with Recipe - … Adjusting the oil contents in any recipe, even by a tablespoon, means you need to recheck the values in a calculator. Pour your lye solution into the melted oils and butters… Do you know how to make shea butter soap?, Palm & Cocoa Butter Soap Sensation 1. This technique involves grating down a pre-made bar, adding liquid so it melts down, and pressing the sticky product into molds. For the color swirl, pour one of the bowls of mica onto one side of the oil mixture and the other mica on the other side. A lye calculator is located at if you need help! While most soaps will do a good job of getting you clean, some are more luxurious than others—especially if they contain a high percentage of moisturizing oils and butters. Dr. Scott Sicher, an allergist from Mount Sinai in New York, working with the website Allergic Living, says that though shea is distantly related to Brazil nuts, the extraction and refinement results in a fat with only trace protein. I prefer raw shea butter in soap. I love the sound of a chocolate orange melt, with a bit of orange fragrance oil added to the recipe. Try adding some olive oil and coconut oil to your recipe for better results. How to Make Shea Butter Soap. I designed a recipe with about 15% cocoa butter and 20% shea butter which works perfectly (not so much olive oil, and I included coconut oil and other oils). Melt and pour soap, the pre-made base that your children can liquefy and pour into molds, is already complete. Thank you! No reactions to either topical application or ingestion of shea oils and butters. Am I right? I make a soap using a high percentage of both raw organic cocoa butter and unrefined organic shea butter. As for consistency, shea butter is soft and pliable, it’s easy to break off a pea size with your fingers, it is easy to soften with a fork and whip with an electric mixer to make body butters. 30 gr cocoa butter; 120 gr deodorized Shea butter; 1 tsp ground oatmeal; 1 tsp gold mica powder; The essential oil of your choice. Those unsaponifiables are the fats which soften skin instead of stripping away your natural skin oils while cleansing. Sometimes I forget to add salt in water or sodium lactate and the bars are always hard, luxurious and conditioning. Shea Butter Soap Recipes Cleopatra Heavy Cream Cold Process Soap Recipe. But a harder bar, such as one which relies heavily on palm and coconut oils, can use a little help. If you’re learning how to make shea butter soap for someone with a nut allergy, you probably don’t need to worry. Does not strengthen lather or hardness. And second, she adds oils that are liquid at room temperature. Melt and pour soap, the pre-made base that your children can liquefy and pour into molds, is already complete. All you add is color, fragrance, and other aesthetic ingredients such as glitter or oatmeal. You answered virtually all my questions. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. The preferred method of professional soapers, cold process lets you layer or swirl different colors into a smooth and often flawless bar, though the soap isn’t usable for at least a week or longer if you want a mild, long-lasting bar. But if shea butter comes from nuts, is it safe for people with nut allergies? Add the distilled water to your pitcher. Always wear protective gear when using lye, and work in a well-ventilated area. He currently owns Bath Rabbit Soap Company and is the author of "The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making. The moisturising abilities of cocoa butter are often recommended for prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women, treatment of chapped skin and lips, and as a daily moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin. Use an immersion blender to mix the oils until you achieve "trace," which just means that the mixture will hold its form when you drag the blender through it. This next cp soap recipe is an elegant rendition of the typical homemade batch of soap. Whatever you choose, we would love to hear how it works for you! Just add shea butter, then alter the other oils for proper saponification, and you have a moisturizing and luxurious bar. Using a solid bar and melting it down is a very common technique, so with the right amount of blending, that shouldn’t be a problem. This soap, like any other Natures Garden soap recipe, contains wonderful butters and oils for your skin that will moisturize and really care. A major ingredient in chocolate, cocoa butter is commonly used in bath and body products due to its skin-loving properties. Both hot and cold process soaps involve melting down oils, adding a mixture of water and lye, then agitating the soap by hand or with a stick blender until it reaches “trace.” Both techniques require adding shea butter with the initial fats and melting them down before adding lye. Do you have a soapmaking question? On the stovetop, melt at low-medium heat. I use refined shea butter in lotion. 3. In fact, I have made them myself (see recipe here) to see if they hold their shape, and they did. Bowls for measuring ingredients on the scale, 2 When we take a look at the fatty acid profile chart, you can sort it by stearic acid or oleic acid to find substitutes. – Bambidele, If you are using ONLY 5 ounces of shea butter for your soap, you will need .61 oz of lye and at least 2 fluid ounces of water for a 5% superfat soap. tablespoons carrier oil for micas, such as olive, avocado, or almond oil (optional). A coconut oil soap recipe, which is both very hard and lathers extremely well, could use the addition of shea butter to counteract a bar that is so cleansing, it’s often harsh on the skin. And every oil has a different SAP. Excess water is squeezed out, then evaporated off the oil curds, before the remaining butter is collected and shaped before it’s allowed to harden. But remember that, because saponification has already occurred, none of this shea butter will turn to actual soap. The benefits of adding Cocoa Butter to your soap recipe Hi Róza, your process sounds very similar to what Melanie Teegarden describes in her tutorial of How to Make Body Wash ( with two exceptions: First of all, she starts with liquid soap to avoid the rebatch process. Lye is a dangerous chemical that can burn the skin and eyes and is harmful when inhaled. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. After reading your descriptions, I plan on making a rebatch soap with additional Shea butter. That depends on the recipe. I have used vanilla essential oil. Your bar will also have creamy bubbles. The combination of shea and cocoa butter with two nourishing oils makes a highly moisturizing combination, but whipping the mix helps it go on smoothly without being oily. You can add fragrance oils to customize the soap to your liking if you wish. Nova 1:41 pm on December 27th, 2012. Cocoa butter is a hard vegetable fat with a distinct, chocolate-y aroma that is extracted from the cocoa bean. Shea butter can be added to rebatched soap. Whether you learn how to make shea butter soap using rebatch, hot or cold process, it’s a fun and satisfying way to create a bar with huge benefits for your skin. To the remaining soap, add the finely ground calendula flower … You can get refined shea butter. Heat until the butters and oils are completely melted. Do you have any advice for our readers? Also, I don’t plan to use it as a soap bar but to process it into liquid body wash. This priceless tool calculates all the saponification values for you: the amount of lye needed to turn one gram of fat into soap. The internal nut meat is then crushed manually with a mortar and pestle then roasted over open wood fires which give traditional shea butter a smoky fragrance.

shea butter and cocoa butter soap recipe

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